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Aclima WoolNet Long Pants

Aclima WoolNet Long Pants

Price 58.99 USD excluding VAT

Net underwear is not only sexy but incredibly functional too! Aclima WoolNet are revealing and reinforced in just the right places and represent the best you can get when it comes to base layers.

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Net underwear is not only sexy but incredibly functional too! Aclima WoolNet are revealing and reinforced in just the right places and represent the best you can get when it comes to base layers.

  • Athletic fit
  • Reinforced crotch, inner thighs and knees
  • 91/7/2 merino wool / polyamide / elastane

The concept of net base layers is not new at all, but few manufacturers develop and manufacture these with such a high level of devotion as Aclima. The loops of the net form air pockets to keep outer (possibly wet) garments off the skin and retains a suitable micro-climate on your skin. Effectively your skin always feels just right: not too hot or cold, and relatively dry.

Made of merino wool, the material wicks moisture and feels nice even when wet. Insulating properties are maintained and a net is obviously rather breathable, so it's hard to imagine anything better to wear.

A common weakness of net construction is lack of resistance to wear. Thankfully Aclima has reinforced the most vulnerable parts with a stronger knit and the material has some synthetics mixed in to make it more durable.

Size info

Manufactured according to European standard sizes. The fit is athletic but the material has stretch, so pick the recommended size and you'll be fine. No need to size up or down with these. Below is a table of suitable waist sizes.

X-Small77.5" - 30"
Small30.5" - 33"
Medium32" - 34.5" cm
Large35" - 37.5"
X-Large37" - 39.5"
2X-Large39.5" - 42"
3X-Large42" - 44.5"

Sizes get a bit taller incrementally towards larger sizes, but tall and slender people don't need to worry. Again, thanks to stretch and the inherent properties of the net material we confidently recommend these to regular and tall people alike.

Material and care

The material is made of 91 % merino wool, 7 % polyamide, 2 % elastane. Wash inside out at 40 degrees Celcius with wool detergent and wool program. Form when wet and hang to dry.

Made by Aclima

Aclima AS is a Norwegian family business with a history reaching back to 1939. They are specialized in top-quality merino wool base- and mid layers. Aclima has a factory in Estonia (EU), where the products are made with great care and craftsmanship.


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I would recommend for a friend

Kerran kun tällaset itselleen ostaa, niin ihmettelee, että miksi ei ole aiemmin tullut ostettua. On hyvät syksyllä, talvella kerrostaen merinokalsareiden kanssa ja vielä keväälläkin. Jos jotenkin kuvailisi, niin normi merinot potenssiin kaksi.
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I would recommend for a friend

29.12.2018 (Edited 29.12.2018)
Omistan myös Svalan verkkohousut ja niihin verrattuna nämä ovat sisätiloissa hieman vähemmän hiostavat ja kokonaisuutena aavistuksen lämpimämmät. Näissä on myös vahvistetut polvet, joten ainakaan toistaiseksi Svalan housuista tuttuja pussittavia polvia ei ole ilmennyt. Kummatkin ovat aika loistavia alusasuja kerrospukeutumiseen tai pienille pakkasille sellaisenaan alushousuiksi, nämä ehkä hieman paremmat (mutta tietysti myös kalliimmat).

ENGLISH SYNOPSIS: Once you get over the kink-shop looks, these are excellent underpants for against-the-skin layer in multilayered dress, or on their own down to about -5 degrees C. Slightly better than Svala's offering, but about equal considering the price difference.
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I would recommend for a friend



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