Varusteleka Gear Talk

Welcome to Varusteleka's Gear Talk! In this series, we will invite gear enthusiasts to present their setup and tell us about the thought process behind their gear.

Gear Talk: Finnish Brutality Edition

The Finnish Brutality Edition focuses on our Brutality guests and how their gear performed during the match.

Episode 8: Coming Soon

We will release a new episode every week, so keep an eye on our YouTube channel!

Episode 7: Blue Jean Operator

This time, we have BlueJeanOperator sharing his insights on wearing a plate carrier and a chest rig in Finnish Brutality, and how that compared to his military gear.

Episode 6: Luke from The Firearm Blog

Luke Cuenco from The Firearm Blog is here to share some knowledge about wearing a plate carrier and training for Finnish Brutality.

Episode 5: Les Winner

Ex-Marine Les Winner is currently holding the title of most Brutality matches attended. In this year's Finnish Brutality, he sported his old patrol rig in the Breacher category. How did it compare to a more modern setup?

Episode 4: Kit Badger

Kit Badger fought through Finnish Brutality and placed in the Top 10 while using borrowed gear. See what he has to say about said gear - and how he is able to use more or less any gear on a short notice and still make it work!

Episode 3: Bloke on the Range

Bloke on the Range AKA Mike explains things about his mustache and LARP gear - you will also learn a Brit military slang word "ally", which here does not mean a friend in arms but a mouth-watering piece of military gear.

Episode 2: Forgotten Weapons

Ian McCollum shows his setup choices and gives his insights on competitions, life, and existence.

Episode 1: Administrative Results

Aaron AKA Administrative Results shares his views on the Velocity Systems chest rig he wore to Finnish Brutality and how it served its purpose.

Joulu-Pati, Bob the Christmas Bullet