Varusteleka goes Movies - Rambo V: Last Blood

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Rambo is coming, for the last time! Maybe. How about coming to a private screening with us? And no, this is not some cheap and seedy strip show, but the real deal Rambo: Last Blood movie! We got some tickets right here (10 sets, one set has two tickets) and all you have to do is participate and you'll enter the raffle. Each lucky winner will get one set of tickets. Any reasons not to participate? Time to pump up those biceps one more time!

The screening will be held on the 23rd of September starting from 6PM in Helsinki, Finland

Participate in the raffle by filling out the form. And while you're here, have a look at our selection of sharp objects.. (It's probably prohibited to bring knives in the show.)

Rules of the raffle

  • The prize is two tickets to a private screening of Rambo: Last Blood. One set per winner.
  • You have time to participate until18th of September 2019, 23:59 UTC+2.
  • The winners will be contacted personally via e-mail on 19th of September 2019 with further instructions. In addition the first name and the first letter of the last name will be published in the social media.
  • You can participate only once.
  • Write your name and contact information in the form. This is all you have to do to participate. We will collect a temporary register of the participants and the information will only be used to pick out the winners and contacting them. The register will be cleared after the winners are drawn.
  • The movie is most likely PG-16, or at least the trailer is. If the movie itself gets a different rating, we will inform the winners!

Participation form

The raffle has ended.