European sizing system, jackets


If you know something about european sizing, you might be aware that there used to be not only numbers, but letters too, for different body types. In practice these haven't been used for a long time.

Regarding width and height: It's easy to get confused, so calm down! If you are taller or thicker than usual, you need a bigger size. The sizes get bigger in both dimensions. This means that if you are 190 cm tall and slim, your waist would happily accept size 50 trousers, but the pants will be short. Or if you have a lot of belly but you are short, you might need a size 56 jacket, on which the sleeves will be long. Yes, it's a pity if you're funny proportioned. Sometimes it pays to be normal.

As you measure yourself, take the actual measurements, don't add some just to be sure. Correct places for measurements are shown in the picture.

Sizes 42 or 60 and above are very uncommon.

Size Chest Length Equivalent
42 84 cm 164-170 cm X-Small
44 88 cm 164-170 cm X-Small ½
46 92 cm 170-176 cm Small
48 96 cm 176-182 cm Small ½
50 100 cm 176-182 cm Medium
52 104 cm 182-188 cm Medium ½
54 108 cm 182-188 cm Large
56 112 cm 188-194 cm Large ½
58 116 cm 188-194 cm X-Large
60 120 cmtd> 188-194 cm X-Large ½
62 124 cm 188-194 cm 2X-Large
64 128 cm 188-194 cm 2x-Large ½
66 132 cm 188-194 cm 3X-Large