East German sizes


People are different sized in two dimensions: height and width. East Germans have taken this into account in a very special way, combining the european sizing system numbers with German language and East German specialities.


Widths are like normal european sizing system widths, except they do not affect length, and a lot of sizes are left out as unnecessary.

Size Chest Waist Equivalent
44 88 cm 76 cm Small
48 96 cm 84 cm Medium
52 104 cm 92 cm Large
56 112 cm 100 cm X-Large
60 120 cm 108 cm 2X-Large

A special touch is the noting of different body types by placing special numbers, for an example SK48-0 or SK48-1. 0 means that the chest is about 10 cm larger. 1 means that the chest is normal but waist is about 10 cm larger. 2 means the waist is 20 cm larger. This also affects pants, for some obscure reason - 0 does nothing but 1 and 2 add to the waist.


Length is the coolest thing, they are short for German words Superkurz, Kurz, Mittel, Groß, Supergroß ja Übergroß. Here's what we think they mean:

Letter Estimated height
SK 160-165 cm
K 165-170 cm
M 170-175 cm
G 175-180 cm
SG 180-185 cm
ÜG 185-190 cm