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Bundeswehr size charts

Measurement locations

The German sizing system is clear and simple - there are four different heights and lots of widths. One thing to consider is that the Germans seem to be an awfully short armed people, basically this means their jacket lenghts are overstated - by about 5 cm. If you're just in between two height sizes, choose the longer one.

Choosing a size is easy - choose the height size you fit into based on how tall you are, then measure your chest and waist circumference to find out the correct width. (If you measure inches, multiply them by 2.54 to convert to centimetres.)

An example

  • Our boss is 179 cm tall, has a 82 cm waist and a chest circumference of 89 cm
  • Sizes 06-11 are for 170-180 cm tall people, so that's the starting point.
  • As his waist is over 80 cm and less than 85 cm, the perfect pants would be a size 07 (85 cm waist, 80 cm inseam)
  • His chest measures just under 90 cm, so the jacket is a size 06 (chest circumference 90 cm).

Bundeswehr Trouser sizes

BW size Waist circumference Leg inseam
Height less than 170 cm
180 cm75 cm
285 cm75 cm
390 cm75 cm
495 cm75 cm
5100 cm75 cm
Height 170-180 cm
680 cm80 cm
785 cm80 cm
890 cm80 cm
995 cm80 cm
10100 cm80 cm
11105 cm80 cm
Height 180-190 cm
1285 cm85 cm
1390 cm85 cm
1495 cm85 cm
15100 cm85 cm
16110 cm85 cm
Height 190-200 cm
1790 cm90 cm
1895 cm90 cm
19100 cm90 cm
20110 cm90 cm

Bundeswehr Jacket sizes

BW sizeChest circumferenceHeight
Height less than 170 cm
190 cm160-170 cm
295 cm160 - 170 cm
3100 cm160 - 170 cm
4105 cm 160 - 170 cm
5110 cm 160 - 170 cm
Height 170-180 cm
690 cm 170 - 180 cm
795 cm 170 - 180 cm
8100 cm 170 - 180 cm
9105 cm 170 - 180 cm
10110 cm 170 - 180 cm
11115 cm 170 - 180 cm
Height 180-190 cm
1295 cm 180 - 190 cm
13100 cm 180 - 190 cm
14105 cm 180 - 190 cm
15110 cm 180 - 190 cm
16115 cm 180 - 190 cm
Height 190-200 cm
17100 cm 190 - 200 cm
18105 cm 190 - 200 cm
19110 cm 190 - 200 cm
20115 cm 190 - 200 cm

Some Bundeswehr clothes

BW Cargo Pants, Flecktarn, surplus

BW Cargo Pants, Flecktarn, surplus

29.99 USD
These are the most popular army pants we have. This is not too surprising, however, since these trousers are really good and dirt cheap. Genuine German army issue.
BW field shirt, Flecktarn, surplus

BW field shirt, Flecktarn, surplus

12.99 USD
An excellent German Bundeswehr issue summer shirt. Probably our best selling surplus shirt, and although the prices have steadily gone up, these are still pretty cheap.
BW desert service shirt, Tropentarn, surplus

BW desert service shirt, Tropentarn, surplus

19.99 USD
Bundeswehr issue desert shirts. A lightweight, comfy shirt for hot weather, total about one month here in Finland.
BW field cap, Flecktarn, surplus

BW field cap, Flecktarn, surplus

6.99 USD
A sharp-looking field cap, German Bundeswehr issue. The shape is similar to the WW2 Feldmütze.
BW parka, Flecktarn, Surplus

BW parka, Flecktarn, Surplus

38.99 - 39.99 USD
The standard field jacket used by the Bundeswehr when it's not exactly an indian-summer. One of our top sellers, this parka is a tried and true modern classic and for a reason. We've also got matching trousers for these!
BW Gore-Tex Jacket, Flecktarn, Surplus

BW Gore-Tex Jacket, Flecktarn, Surplus

39.99 USD
This is the jacket of the current issue German Bundeswehr rain suit. Very simple and sensible hardshell overgarment to wear when it's wet and nasty.
BW Pullover, Surplus, Olive Drab BW Pullover, Surplus, Dark Blue
BW Pullover, Surplus

BW Pullover, Surplus

34.99 - 49.99 USD
German sweaters. Probably the best model around, even including the classic British jumper.
BW shorts, Flecktarn, surplus

BW shorts, Flecktarn, surplus

16.99 USD
Genuine German army issue trousers cut down to shorts length by our supplier! In short, if you like the Flecktarn trousers - and who doesn't - these are just the same, but better for hot summer!