Jämä is dead, long live Jämä

January 27, 2023: we have decided to end the Jämä brand. The nature of surplus materials always made it difficult to maintain the selection of products, and consistency was a struggle. At some point, we realized that the hit products Luhka and Blanket Shirt themselves were far stronger than the parent brand, and our efforts to make Särmä more sustainable have brought it to a point where these Jämä products actually fit nicely under that umbrella.

As military history shows, don't get into a war on two fronts if you can help it. To focus our efforts better, we're pulling the plug on Jämä but the two most popular garments, the Luhka and Blanket Shirt, become Särmä items. Small-batch projects from surplus materials are possible in the future and will be Särmä as well.

Currently no products available.