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Varusteleka's annual report 2023: Charlie Foxtrot

The gold coins have been counted in the coffers, and as you might guess from the heading, things got fucked up. Here’s a bit of a gloomin’ troll report with a slight silver lining at the end.

Textiles are needed everywhere during a major crisis

The security of supply is a hot topic in many countries because of recent pandemics and our deranged warmongering eastern neighbor. However, textiles are often forgotten even though they are vital to both the military and the civilians during a major crisis. We want to raise awareness of this and, at the same time, revitalize European textile production.

The highlights of 2023

Another year is in the books, and we are already busy getting on with the new one. Let's take a brief look back at 2023 and recap what was going on last year.

How to attach MOLLE – and what does it even mean?

In the world of military and outdoor gear, two acronyms, MOLLE and PALS, play a crucial role in ensuring versatility and functionality. Let's take a good gander at what MOLLE and PALS attachment systems are, their history, and how they are used – how to attach MOLLE.

One time at Varusteleka brand camp

For several years, we have participated in the Fashion Revolution Week by showcasing the companies that manufacture our own products. However, right now we are in the middle of a big change regarding the delivery chain thanks to our MEGA project, which we will open up a bit later during this week. Thus, this year we will talk about our own brands and their changes and delve deeper into our own design process.

Varusteleka's annual report 2022

The gold doubloons and squirrel pelts we managed to rake up last year have been accounted for and checked over to be sure. Here's a trip into the year 2022 from our perspective in some words and numbers. Enjoy.

Best Sellers of 2022

In the year 2023, we look back at the best-selling products of the year 2022. Seems like all years of this decade are more weird or shocking than the last, and the effects are felt by pretty much everyone, and it shows in our business as well.

Best Sellers of 2021

At the start of a new year, it has become a bit of a tradition for us to take a look back at the most popular and most buckaroos-generating products of the past year. Last year we faced not very few obstacles with product availability and logistics. We did, however, manage to stock our shelves, be it with regularly irregular intervals. But which products excited you the most in 2021 from a purely commercial perspective?

Road show during the pandemic in 2020

In this article, we'll tell a little about our Roadshow in 2020, which didn’t really go as planned thanks to the plague. And also a few words about this year’s plans.

Developing our logistics in the shadow of the Plague

We have boosted our logistics a lot during last year. Everything didn’t go as smoothly as planned when the plague hit the fan, but now things are going better than ever. In this article, our Supply Chain Director Elina tells what kind of improvements we have made to ensure that your packages move even better.

Varusteleka's annual report 2020

While being busy with our Total World Domination plans and all the pandemic crap, we managed to count the coins in the vault, and the auditor has given their blessing. So, here’s a short wrap-up of the year 2020 and how it translated into figures.

Sales margin and why everything costs

The author Valtteri Lindholm is the founder, owner, and the Chairman of the Board of Varusteleka.

Särmä TST L4 Field Uniform Update

You can develop things by fixing faults in an otherwise good idea but it only gets you so far. At some point, you should shift the focus into what's good and make it better. To avoid not "fixing if it ain't broke", care must be taken as when drilling an arsehole to a stick horse. With this philosophy in mind, we took the Särmä TST L4 Field Jacket and L4 Field Pants and whipped up some refinements.

How Corona plague changes the clothing business

Author: Anna Rinta-JylliläCategory Manager, Apparel

Propaganda Survey Results

In March, we asked our Regular Pigs to answer a survey about our Propaganda newsletters. Generally, we got a lot of positive feedback, and that’s great to hear! We want to keep our newsletters entertaining and interesting enough so that people actually want to read them.

Varusteleka Profit Report 2019

It is time for the annual report! Let’s cook the books! We managed to organize debits and credits in an orderly fashion. The auditor has wielded his arcane accounting magic around our profit and loss statement and balance sheet, so it is time to check how the year 2019 went from a financial perspective.

Containers, Trains and Automobiles: Varusteleka Road Show 2019

The last year’s Road Show that started in March, had to come to an end. In the year 2019, we stepped up the game and did a total of 23 stops in 16 different cities! When spring finally came and Finns woke up from their polar night hibernation, we hired a Road Captain to take care of Varusteleka’s flying circus: the “Road Show”. We travelled about 6969 km around Finland with 30 employees and it was kick-ass!

Varusteleka Profit Report 2018

The books for last year have been cooked and our inspector has given the green light, so here's our retrospect.

The Forbidden Internet

Sometimes we look back and remember how things were better before. It's a false memory, of course, because the world has actually become a better place. But there are things we could learn from the way things were traditionally; in other words, cave into peer pressure from dead people.

Army surplus: how it works

In a nutshell, army surplus is too good to be true, but it's true: durable, well-tested solutions for the most demanding use, which is military use - and for cheap. We'll tell ya what this stuff is all about and how it ends up in some Finnish army store.

Where is Thofern?

Have you seen Thofern? We have his sleeping mat here and judging from the things written on it, he desperately wants it returned to him. We understand - it must be horrible sleeping on the cold cold ground!

The Metal Faces The Bucket: Varusteleka Road Show 2018

The #varustelekaroadshow 2018 has ended. This year we made 16 gigs in 13 different regions. Twelve of the jobs were market square gigs done during six consecutive weeks in spring and fall. Further, we participated in Tuska Metal Music Festival, Riihimäki International Sportsmen’s Fair, GoExpo - Sports and Outdoor Event and Hartola Fair. As far as we are concerned, it went damn well! According to our records, there were 8000 purchases combined. Based on our estimates, every other visitor bought at least a pair of socks, so we reached at least 16 000 people. One tenth of those purchases came from Tuska-festival, and you won’t guess what the most sold item was! Nope, Scho-Ka-Kola came second as Bundeswehr's Flecktarn field shirt took the first place. Now you know the dress code, in case you're in for some metal music during the summer in Finland. You’re welcome!

Varusteleka Profit Report 2017

We have crunched the numbers, and our results from 2017 are in. Here’s a little recap of everything that happened last year.

Särmä TST Clothing system

A comprehensive and functional four-season clothing system designed foremost for the Finnish military end-user. Our system offers significant improvements in weight-saving, comfort and functionality when compared to their Finnish Defence Forces standard issue counterparts. The less of a bottleneck your clothing and gear is the better you can focus on the task at hand.

Varusteleka photograph contest 2010

The winners of 100 euro gift cards Jyri Kaasinen – Hello, I'm from the internet Do we really even need to explain this? Good job Jyri!

How to Choose the Best of Military Surplus: Top 10 Items You Must Have

Rich in durability, versatility, and historical significance, military surplus offers a great selection, from sturdy field clothing and tactical camping equipment to collectibles. These items are an excellent option for outdoors people looking to set out on their next great adventure, military enthusiasts wanting to commemorate the history and sacrifices of past generations, or people just wanting to look cool.

What is Military Surplus and How to Buy it?

Are you on the lookout for affordable, high-quality items that can withstand the apocalypse or even you? Something that looks cool, tells a historical story, and with the added bonus of promoting sustainability. If these statements resonate with you, then you, my friend, are looking for military surplus products.