Propaganda Survey Results

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In March, we asked our Regular Pigs to answer a survey about our Propaganda newsletters. Generally, we got a lot of positive feedback, and that’s great to hear! We want to keep our newsletters entertaining and interesting enough so that people actually want to read them.

But we can always do better! There were a few questions and comments that stood out, so we took it upon ourselves to tackle those.

More cheap surplus!

This is probably the most common request we got: more surplus, and with more affordable prices. Unfortunately this is something we have little control over.

Military surplus stocks have been low for quite some time now, and due to demand rising, it’s also more expensive. We gather all milsurp we can find, and even raid the storages in the US the best we can whenever we’re there. Right now we actually have more surplus items in stock than ever before! But because we have to pay more for this gear, we also need to keep our prices higher.

The flow of surplus is also quite unpredictable, which means that new items are so popular that they run out quite quickly. We rarely know when - or if - we get more of a certain product.

If you want to make sure you’ll get notified about cool military surplus items, then go and tell us in your Regular Pig account’s Interrogation! Then you’ll get notified whenever we manage to haul some really awesome surplus.

Why can’t I find products that interest me?

We noticed that this was a common answer: people don’t always find items that they’re interested in. Either there is too much tactical stuff, not enough women’s clothes or too much hiking and outdoor gear.

Our monthly Propaganda newsletter is a wide take on our newest shenanigans, new products and appropriate gear for the season, so it’s understandable that not everything fits everyone’s interests. If you wish to receive more personalized newsletters, then go and fill out the Interrogation! We’ll then send you more precise newsletters about topics that we’ve deemed right just for You!

We don’t have a lot of clothes specifically for women, that’s true, but unless you’re looking for skin-tight leggings, most clothing should also be suitable for ladies. Our own brands and military surplus is designed to be unisex, and we’re also going to make sure we have enough clothing that are well suited for women’s bodies.

Special Deliveries

The most common question about this topic was: “What the hell are Special Deliveries?”. Something that was clear as day to us, clearly wasn’t known by you guys - whoops.

Generally speaking, all newsletters that are not the monthly Propaganda Newsletter, are Special Deliveries. We make them about, for example, new products, events, exceptionally awesome surplus items or other interesting topics.

Special Deliveries are mostly targeted based on the interests of the recipient, which we determine using the Interrogation, purchase history and place of residence.

Some Special Deliveries are important enough to be sent to the whole gang - for example the Easter Egg Hunt.

Gmail cuts off the messages

Yup, this is true: Gmail thinks we talk too much, so at some point it decides to hide the rest of the message behind a “View entire message” button.

This is something that probably isn’t going to change, unless Google decides to allow longer newsletters. Shortening our newsletters would mean that we couldn’t tell you about even half of the stuff that we find important. So sorry folks - you’re just gonna have to click that link in the future as well.