EKS/SCMM 2018, Part 6, Team Leka firearms training

Four basic rules for safe weapon handling.

  1. Handle your weapon as if it were loaded. ALWAYS!
  2. Do not point your weapon at anything that you are not ready to destroy.
  3. Trigger discipline. Your finger is off the trigger until you have made the decision to fire.
  4. Identify your target. Know what is in front of and behind your target.

We got a hot tip from the Korpimiehet that there has typically been some kind of shooting mission during the march, and possibly some kind of "force on force"-type of operation. We were quite keen on this, so we decided to organize some more weapons and shooting training for our patrol.

We got a proper hardcore instructor - Jari Pihlajamäki, Infinity Tactics' (Infinity Tactics homepage, Facebook, Instagram) head instructor here in Finland. Jari has a strong weapons background, with experience from the more official side of things as well as competitive shooting.

The training was great for teaching and refining the basics. We practiced the basics of safe weapon handling, readying the weapon, and good firing positions and the best ways to hold the weapon. After this we progressed towards various handling drills and firing positions.

Shooting is quite interesting - the actual act is quite simple, but it is by no means easy. Jari was able to successfully instruct us well enough that in the end the members of our patrol started to improve their weapon handling confidence and our shot grouping got tighter and tighter. If you're ever given the chance then you should definitely join in on an Infinity Tactics course. In our opinion it was proper 5/5.

Our training is done, and the only thing left is the event itself. Our patrol's attitude throughout the training sessions has been good, and we're hungry for a win. Total World Domination! See you at the march...


Loading up. The targets are set up against the embankment.

Jari shows the firing position from the knee and how to get into the position. In the background the 150 m range pond.

Jari tells about the basics of emergency magazine changes.

Weapons hot, ready for some pewpew!

Mörkö takes a shot from the ready position.

Macho-man changes magazines.

Jari sets an example.

Clearing the weapons and checking visually and physically that there are no rounds left in the chamber. For added safety, performing a buddy check, or trying to find a round in the chamber of the neighbouring weapon.

Jari tells about tactical magazine changes from the knee.

The gang posed for a group photo: Jari, Mörkö, Macho-man, and Rõnin.

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