EKS/SCMM 2018, Part 4, Team Leka Fitness

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Our team continues training and this time we had scheduled some physical training at our gym. Coach for this session was Petteri Kantola. Petteri is officer (ret.), assumingly gentleman as well, martial artist and damn good personal trainer. Due to the fact, that Petteri has first hand knowledge about coaching soldiers, we were sure that this evolution will be highly beneficial for our military march project.

During the training session we managed to pinpoint areas we should focus on. We need more stamina in our legs, core needs to be in shape and hands needs to have enough strength to carry wounded, ammo, anti-tank mines and whatever you are carrying. Good training, thank Petteri!


Circuit training:

  • 1 min work, 45 s rest and switch station x 4 rounds
  • Lunge with ruck sack (~20 kg)
  • “Farmer’s walk” with 2 x 30 kg dumbbells
  • Sandbag lift / snatch (~20 kg)
  • Burbee - squat - push-up with ruck sack (~15 kg)

Core training x 2 rounds:

  • Rise up with sandbag 3 + 3
  • Knees to elbows min 10 reps
  • Rolling with barbell min 10 reps
  • Abs crunches / twists with weight min 10 reps

Instructor Petteri Kantola

“I am 45 years old, a major (retired), born in Turku, and nowadays I live in Valkeakoski. Currently I am running my own training and consulting company focusing on security, weapons training, hand-to-hand combat, and functional fitness. I am a married father of two daughters. I am also the founder of a martial arts club in Valkeakoski, and my hobbies include cooking, underwater rugby, hunting, and fishing.”


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