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NVA scarf, gray, surplus

NVA scarf, gray, surplus RELEASED TODAY

3.99 USD

A thin, wide scarf. The kind that packs small and is good for most of the year. Old army surplus from the dark side of the Berlin Wall!

Särmä TST Dry Bag


14.99 - 29.99 USD

Lightweight, waterproof dry bag with roll top closure. A basic piece of kit which can be used to organize and waterproof your gear inside your pack or, especially in this case with the NIR compliant camouflage print and all, lashed to it´s outside.

Swiss puttees, surplus

Swiss puttees, surplus RELEASED TODAY

14.99 USD

This is just what the beeping, blinking and hectic modern world needs. Put a stop to all that shit and practice Zen every morning by donning on a proper real deal army surplus long puttees before leaving home! No joke, these are Swiss made! Because of course they are!

Swiss wool mittens with trigger finger, surplus

Swiss wool mittens with trigger finger, surplus RELEASED TODAY

4.99 USD

Half-mittens! These leave your most needed fingers free for tinkering (shooting in this case) and the rest sit tight huddled together in their own compartment. Old Swiss army stuff, these are so good and probably 100% wool.

Särmä TST LV141 pouch adapter

Särmä TST LV141 pouch adapter RELEASED TODAY

9.99 USD

With this simple little adapter you can turn most double magazine pouches into a radio pouch. Designed to turn Finnish RK double mag pouches into carriers for the Finnish LV141 (Tadiran PRC-710) but will function with any type of radio of roughly the same size and design.

Särmä TST RK magazine/multipurpose pouch

Särmä TST RK magazine/multipurpose pouch RELEASED TODAY

26.99 USD

Standard size magazine pouch for two RK/AK magazines, but cleverly designed to double up as a IFAK or radio pouch when needed. The basic idea is simple modularity, with a few of these on your vest you can quickly adapt your gear depending on what you need to carry.

US M44 "Ike Jacket", surplus

US M44 "Ike Jacket", surplus RELEASED TODAY

38.99 - 58.99 USD

The US M44 "Ike Jacket", which got its nickname from Eisenhower who usually wore one. These are original American made jackets, some maybe even from the Second World War era, who knows.

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Varusteleka Facebook posts Show more FACEBOOK Fleece, microplastics and other stuff Microplastics are a motherfucker. It’s a serious problem, and we want to both do something and educate people about it. Microplastics are a type of pollution that has only recently been understood to exist. We still don’t know all about it, and while it does not seem to affect humans, it does seem to cause harm to small life forms. JFGI for more. A report by Finnish Environment Institute tells us that the main ways a consumer produces microplastics is driving a car and washing synthetic fibres. 100% polyester clothing seems to shed most microplastics, ie. soft shell jackets, moisture wicking underwear and fleece. The things you can do is a) don’t use the car so much, b) don’t wash synthetic fibres or c) if you do, use a washing bag to capture microplastics or install a filter in your washing machine. We’re furiously trying to get the bags into our selection. If you live in the US of A, you’re in luck, because they actually sell washing machine filters in your country. Not washing your synthetics is actually a thing worth thinking about. People today wash their clothing mostly because of habit and do not really think whether or not it’s actually necessary. While next to skin polyester or polyamide will start to stink, an outer layer fleece or soft shell jacket might never need washing in it’s lifespan. Dirt comes off if you brush it, and if sensory evaluation does not find reasons for washing, there are no reasons. We’ve been pushing alternatives to synthetic fibres for a long time, even before becoming aware of the microplastics problem, because wool just works that much better in every way. So, replace your underwear with wool. It also works as outer layer, and we’re working to get more options for that department. For cheaper option that works well in hot environments, we already have some viscose stuff, and will more will come. What we are doing now is getting rid of fleece. Fleece is a wonderful material - packs light, doesn’t mind about water, it’s cheap and warm. The downsides are flammability and microplastics shedding. The nice thing about the situation is that fleece is replaceable - we already have options available to replace most of our fleece. The only thing missing is a cheap alternative to our Särmä Fleece jacket - Särmä merino hoodie is superior in all ways, but it also costs almost twice as much. The replacement project is still very much in prototype stage, but the current version has the same cut as Särmä fleece jacket (the one with the hood) and has 548g/m2 interlock knit, of 28,3% wool, 35% cotton and 36,7% polyester. The idea is that this is cheaper and more durable than full wool, but most likely doesn’t ever need washing as an outer layer.