Product Recall!
News 17.08.2017 Hello, We’ve sold you a gas mask whose filter contains asbestos. What? We hope the above got your attention. The deal is, the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) tested 12 Russian GP-5 gas mask filters and all were found to contain chrysotile or white a
We’ve sold you a gas mask whose filter contains asbestos.


We hope the above got your attention. The deal is, the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) tested 12 Russian GP-5 gas mask filters and all were found to contain chrysotile or white asbestos. Asbestos is a harmful substance that has been banned in Finland since 1994. Because our products have been sold after this, we have to organise a campaign to get back all the said filters in Finland. We’re not required to do this internationally, but we’re doing it anyway, as it is the right thing to do. You will reveice 5€ refund in cold cash or 7€ discount code to our webshop.

What to do

Our records show that you’ve purchased a russian gas mask from us. If you’ve resold it, please pass this e-mail forward to the person who has it now.
The filter is the key. Don’t use the mask with the filter on. The mask itself is harmless and you can keep it. It’s the fun part of the product anyway.
Please return the filter to us - reply to this e-mail and we’ll let you know the details on how. When replying, please give your name, street address and country, so we can arrange for transport - this is an automated message sent all over the world, so we don’t know who you are unless you tell us.
The other alternative is that if your country has a system to get rid of items that have asbestos, you can use that. In Finland it’s as simple as going to the nearest refuse dump / refuse processing station and giving them the filter. We don’t know about the rest of the world.
Asbestos is mostly legal in the United States, because corporate greed. We assume, that because of this, there isn’t a system to process asbestos refuse. If you return the filter to us, we’ll have it processed in Finland.


We didn’t know the mask contained asbestos. There was an internet rumour circulating that it would be so, and after we heard about it, we put some text on the product page indicating that the filter may contain asbestos and you shouldn’t use it. If you read the product description when you bought the mask, you’ve seen the text. In hindsight it was stupid to still sell the mask, but we didn’t take the rumour seriously at the time, and we didn’t really even know there was a way to have the filters tested.  Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) found out about the rumour, ordered us to send 12 samples and tested them - and they all had asbestos in the particle filter. Anything containing asbestos is illegal in Finland, so here we are.

The mask has chrysotile or white asbestos in the textile part of the particle filter. The reason for asbestos here is that it works really well for filtering small particles. We have no official information about the health hazard this poses, as the only official test we have is that there is asbestos. Some unofficial tests have been run and it would appear that the asbestos stays where it is, it shouldn’t be able to get through the charcoal part of the filter and all in all the filter should see some serious damage before the asbestos would get moving (and get into your lungs.) This, however, is still unofficial and it’s best to assume the filter is a health hazard and you’d want to get rid of it.

Gas masks from other sources

It’s very likely that all Russian filters contain asbestos. There’s a reason asbestos was used so much - apart from the lung risk, it’s really good material for many kind of uses. It would be very likely that all gas mask filters, no matter what the origin, made before 1990s contain asbestos. It’s likely that gas mask filters made in the us even today contain asbestos. In short, you should treat all military surplus gas mask filters as health hazard. They wouldn’t be good for their original use anyway, as the activated charcoal is most likely saturated in all of them.
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Pentagon Artaxes Softshell Jacket, gray

Pentagon Artaxes Softshell Jacket, gray ADDED TODAY

79.99 EUR 99.99 EUR

A full Softshell jacket lined with Grid Fleece, the kind you want for winter and mid seasons! Along with the weather resistant fabric and surprisingly perfect hood these have an excellent selection of pockets. Surplus from the dead stock of Inttistore Ltd.

Haix Airpower C1

Haix Airpower C1 ADDED TODAY

129.99 EUR 179.99 EUR

Standard men's walking shoes as pictured by Haix. This means they're not "standard" at all when compared to their peers. Dead stock from Inttistore Ltd., thus the cheap price!

Swiss wool gloves, surplus

Swiss wool gloves, surplus ADDED TODAY

4.99 EUR

A pair o' very traditional five finger wool gloves. And not only that, these are Swiss army surplus, real vintage and extremely well made. Down there they sometimes let go of great stuff for cheap. Like these.

Dutch turtleneck undershirt, zippered, gray, surplus

Dutch turtleneck undershirt, zippered, gray, surplus ADDED TODAY

14.99 EUR

The Dutch army long sleeve shirt is something we would like to see more as surplus; a well made, lightweight and moisture wicking turtleneck top for cheap, just the thing you want to carry around just in case no matter what the situation is.

M05 boonie

M05 boonie ADDED TODAY

19.99 EUR

The Finnish military issue model M05 summer woodland boonie hat. Dead stock from Inttistore Ltd.

M05 field cap

M05 field cap ADDED TODAY

12.99 EUR

Finnish military issue model M05 summer woodland field cap. We call it 'the duck' around here. Dead stock from Inttistore Ltd.

SWAT Metro 9" SZ Waterproof Safety Toe

SWAT Metro 9" SZ Waterproof Safety Toe ADDED TODAY

99.99 EUR

Very traditional modern zippered "SWAT boots". These represent better-than-average quality class, and cost just a bit over half of what they would normally go for in Finnish market. That's because these are dead stock from a dead shop. One-off lot!

Dutch Gerber trifold E-tool, surplus

Dutch Gerber trifold E-tool, surplus ADDED TODAY

39.99 EUR

Now this is what we call luck! We happened upon a small lot of these fantastic modern trifolders. This is originally a Finnish Defence Forces model made by Fiskars, later adopted by the US military and now sold to us as Dutch NATO surplus. What goes around comes around!

Finnish M/71 furlough scarf, surplus

Finnish M/71 furlough scarf, surplus  ADDED TODAY

4.99 EUR

Made in Finland. Finnish M/71 furlough scarf, made of some kind of a cotton or satin style cloth. Different colors available. One-off lot!

 MP Field uniform hood, MP/10 camouflage

MP Field uniform hood, MP/10 camouflage ADDED TODAY

3.99 EUR

Hood for the Inttistore MP Field jacket. Fits on that model and that model only. Or you could sew it on any jacket.

Blackhawk Performance Fleece Watch Cap

Blackhawk Performance Fleece Watch Cap ADDED TODAY

14.99 EUR

A tactical fleece cap with a special little pouch for your iPod (thihihi) or un-smartphone, what ever the kids use these days. One-off lot from the dead stock of Inttistore.

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Varusteleka Facebook posts Show more FACEBOOK The L4 Field Uniform was designed for pure functionality, unlike the Finnish military issue M05 uniform which was designed to double up as a parade uniform, resulting in numerous compromises in utility and comfort. Smart materials, relaxed fit and functional details make the L4 Field Trousers what a pair of field pants should be, comfortable and utilitarian. So, what´s so great about these? Well, many little things: -Light, strong, breathable and quick drying 50/50 Ny/Co ripstop fabric. -Relaxed fit to allow room for warm mid layers. -Articulated seat and knees for free movement. -Wide elastic waist adjustment band which can be easily removed and reinstalled when necessary, for washing or when wearing a belt for instance. -Suspender loops for the best suspenders of them all, the american M1950 style and their numerous offspring and copies. -Foxdura reinforced knees with pad pockets. -Six pockets, two deep side slash pockets, two button back pockets and two button cargo pockets. The cargo pockets mouths fold down over themselves with the flap for a secure seal. -Idiot cord tie down points inside the back and cargo pockets. -Velcro cuffs designed for wear over boots. -All buttons are Canadian style slotted buttons. -NIR compliant camouflage print. That´s about it. All this little things make these damn nice to wear and use, especially when compared to the current Finnish military issue M05 camouflage pants. We´re planning to do these in M05 Winter Woodland camouflage later in the year, more about that project later.
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