Here's a small selection of hand picked army surplus items. The list is updated on a regularly unregluar basis, depending on if the guy doing it is alive or not at the moment.


Lekafest 2019 offers you a unique chance to experience the time when men wore wigs when they went to war as the Uudenmaan Karoliinit - Nylands Karoliner arrive to re-enact the glory days of a kingdom called Sweden-Finland.

It seems that since we made so much fun of the traditional Finnish midsummer weather, Mother Nature decided to show what she's got and give us a buttload of warmth and sunshine! Unfortunately this also meant that we had a higher number of people drowning (and police incidents) than last year, a total of five people.

We're still below the average number of drowned people, which is 9, and also beat the snowy midsummer of 2017 by one, so it seems that we're learning something. If we just pay a bit more attention to safety, we can reach zero next year!

With five drownings, the lucky winner Teuvo M. gets a 100 € gift card. Merino hoodies were raffled to Outi P, Aaro-Artturi K, and Tapio M.

The winners have been contacted personally.

Few things are quite as irritating as mosquitoes buzzing in your ear and sucking your blood dry, leaving you with itchy bumps and depleted sanity.

Luckily military surplus can help you keep your blood in your veins and your sanity (somewhat) intact!

For keeping the annoying buggers out of your eyes and nose we recommend you cover your head with a mosquito net. To keep your regular clothes from smelling like nuclear waste, invest in a USA military FRACU jacket that already has insect protection, and is also fire resistant (but please don't test this out by jumping into a bonfire)!

If you want to spend your night under the starry, starry sky, for heaven's sake get a sleeping bag with a mosquito net!

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