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Ukkomatti flask, Finland 100 years

Ukkomatti flask, Finland 100 years  ADDED TODAY

81.99 USD

Made in Finland. An alternative to the traditional flat hip flask is this Finnish design. Hangs right next to you knife on your belt from a leather sheath. Stainless steel, made completely in Finland - a very high quality product. Volume 100 ml. Special model celebrating 100 years old Finland, these have the Finnish lion emblem on them.

Vaasan FDF Crisp rye bread

Vaasan FDF Crisp rye bread  ADDED TODAY

1.99 USD

Made in Finland. Finnish Defence Forces issue crisp rye bread as seen in our rations! Airtight package provides a shelf life of four years. Healthy and nutricious, and doesn't freeze like regular bread.

Jesus bandana

Jesus bandana ADDED TODAY

3.99 USD

"I love Jesus, Jesus loves me, 100 % cotton, made in China!" Who would disagree with that? We're so tired of the the satan worshippers crawling out of every hole these days, so here's something to remind everyone that Jesus still loves You! You'll make tons of friends with this.

ITW Tactical Toggle

ITW Tactical Toggle ADDED TODAY

0.99 USD

The Tactical Toggle is just that, like a good old duffle toggle but TACTICAL! A silent and extremely reliable closure system for a multitude of uses, these are most commonly used like buttons to attach and close pouches and gear.

AustriAlpin Cobra Original Buckle

AustriAlpin Cobra Original Buckle ADDED TODAY

20.99 - 22.99 USD

Perhaps the most famous belt buckle out there today, the Cobra by AustriAlpin is a commonly used for high quality riggers belts and similar heavy use gear. The "Original" is just that, the original Cobra buckle. A solid and reliable choice made for real use. Adjustable male half, solid loop female part.

Czech rain cape, surplus

Czech rain cape, surplus ADDED TODAY

11.99 USD

Tired of searching a waterproof men's travelling cape from department stores to no avail? Well cease your quest, for the answer is here! This Czech cape is made of PVC coated non-shine nylon and is nonchalantly dirt coloured to please any modest adventurer!

MOLLE/PALS velcro bridge


4.99 USD

Here's a neat and easy way to attach velcro patches to any PALS or similar webbing! Just slip it behind the loops, close on the frontside and finish by slapping on a patch.

Särmä Zip-off trousers

Särmä Zip-off trousers ADDED TODAY

45.99 USD

These are lightweight trousers for intermediate weather such as British summer. We're not talking about sweatbags, yet these repel some water. Should a stronger shower cause soaking, they will dry rather quickly even as you wear them. The shortened length is 3/4 to cover the knees.

PVC Character Patch

PVC Character Patch ADDED TODAY

3.99 USD

Personalize your backpack, jacket or other piece of kit with your very own hashtag, abbreviation or whatever! We excluded the asterisk, so you can freely spell profanities as they are. If you always wanted your custom text on a morale patch without the hassle of special orders and minimum quantities, here's your solution!

Särmä Cap


13.99 USD

Tired of shabby baseball caps? Here's a proper one! Say what you will, there's always demand for yer standard baseball cap. But this ain't no cheapo crap, it's a solid, well made cap - after all, it carries our name tag.

Särmä Cap with mesh

Särmä Cap with mesh ADDED TODAY

13.99 USD

Here's a trucker cap with mesh, in two colour options. Say what you will, there's always demand for yer standard baseball cap. But this ain't no cheapo crap, it's a solid, well made cap - after all, it carries our name tag.

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