Here's a small selection of hand picked army surplus items. The list is updated on a regularly unregluar basis, depending on if the guy doing it is alive or not at the moment.


The mystery of the Chocolate Island

"Garrisons - especially in countries with conscription - are a wonderful cross-section of societies. You'll meet so many different people from different backgrounds.

This army tale happened on a coastal fort on Isosaari island just off the shore of Helsinki in about mid 2000's. Isosaari was then - unlike now - completely out of bounds for civilians and in active defensive preparedness with sea-surveillance posts and coast artillery, as you would expect.

Life on the island was rather relaxed, considering the circumstances, especially when you were just a meat-head and summer days were warm. Conscripts serving on a nearby Santahamina island would call Isosaari "Chocolate Island" due to all the benefits that come with smaller groups in specialized locations. Oh, and there was a 9-hole golf course on the island. The chow was good, and we'd make the sauna hot rather often.

Standards had to me met, though. One of the things everyone has to go through in basic training is something called a March and Shelter exercise, where you cover a certain distance by foor, pitch tents to set up a camp and spend the night maintaining the perimeter, taking shifts to ensure everyone is in a reasonable condition in the morning.

Due to drill instructors being nowhere to be seen, our own NCO's improvised things like practicing how to mount a vehicle for several hours.

There was a lot of waiting, standing around and wondering. Just the right recipe for rumours to start spreading, such as our drill instructors using the sauna so hard that one of them had passed out on the green in the morning. What do you know, a heat stroke can get you no matter how diligently you drink.

The exercise was finally brought to a decent end, when the drivers of Santahamina garrison gave us a lift to Yliskylä nearby. We dismounted, marched our way back to Santahamina and got a boat ride back to Isosaari.

We pitched the tents near some designated smoking areas behind the refectory. My eyes opened to the reality of the differences within us when we were picking up some trash and I heard a countryside corporal ask with genuine amazement and ignorance in his voice: "Who the hell has stuck a Bic pen to a bottle?"

That's when the city boys giggled a lot."

It's Throwback Thursday time!

Superheroes before Ratnikman? Do we have 'em? Yes, sir, we do! Here are some authentic pictures from the past when there was a fight between some of our superhero employees. This happened in our old warehouse for whatever reason, we don't really know! The thing with superheroes is that they always create conflicts out of thin air. If it weren't for that, they'd make very good employees.

In the lower picture, you can see our old CEO whose comments we, unfortunately, did not document. We guess that they might have been "What the actual f¤¤k is going on?!" or something similar.

Hey gang, prepare to be dazzled by the flashes while the red carpet is pulled under you as Varusteleka’s top models take the stage at Lekafest. Varusteleka’s Fashion Show at Lekafest 2019 starts at 4 pm.

In honor of Lekafest 2019 we will also be hosting a special showroom inside our store for our house brands Särmä, Särmä TST, Jämä and Terävä. Our experts are also present to answer all your questions for example: “What material is this made of?” or “Do green balls taste good?”.

We also had a similar fashion show last March at GoExpo. Check it out here!

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