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DD SuperLight Tarp Tent

DD SuperLight Tarp Tent ADDED TODAY

164.99 EUR

If you think tents are too heavy, here's one that you will barely notice in your rucksack! At well below two pounds (incl. accessories) it's the lightest tent with a groundsheet in our selection!

DD SuperLight Pyramid Tent

DD SuperLight Pyramid Tent ADDED TODAY

114.99 EUR

If you think tents are too heavy, here's one that you will barely notice in your rucksack! At a bit over one pound it's the lightest one we sell.

Xglow F1 Focus

Xglow F1 Focus ADDED TODAY

59.99 EUR

In short: a proper good flashlight, only a few available, because these are dead stock from Inttistore Ltd.! Normally about 70 EUR, here 59,99!

German / Finnish fireman's wool tunic #1

German / Finnish fireman's wool tunic #1 ADDED TODAY

549.99 EUR

A German made tunic used by the Finnish firemen. Most-very-fockin'-likely wartime manufacture with Wehrmacht size markings and everything, along with SA-Int stamps on the other side. A well preserved specimen!

Soviet officer's greatcoat #5

Soviet officer's greatcoat #5 ADDED TODAY

79.99 EUR

A thick woollen Soviet officer's greatcoat. One-off piece!

Children's M91 T-shirt

Children's M91 T-shirt ADDED TODAY

6.99 EUR

Finnish army T-shirt in children's sizes! These are well made and way better than the usual kidswear you'll find in department stores. As a bonus, it will make your kid look like a military lunatic! Dead stock from Inttistore Ltd.

Savotta JSP Tent package

Savotta JSP Tent package  ADDED TODAY

2099.99 EUR

Made in Finland. A high group tent, officially a medical tent. These are nice and roomy, perfect for a bunch of people or as a vendor tent. These are made by Savotta in Finland, very bombproof quality!

Finnish Dog Tag with chain

Finnish Dog Tag with chain  ADDED TODAY

9.99 EUR

Made in Finland. Finnish army model identification tag. A pressed piece of steel which is broken in half when the owner kicks the bucket. The Finnish ID number is your social security number. This is normally engraved on both halves. We offer engraving services. One-off lot.

Wehrmacht greatcoat M40, "Ersatz", repro

Wehrmacht greatcoat M40, "Ersatz", repro ADDED TODAY

139.99 EUR

Ever heard of WW2 German "Ersatz" gear? That's the stuff that was faster & cheaper to make. This one resembles that a bit. Although not made exclusively of wood pulp and man-fur, these are definitely a bit flimsy. That's not necessarily a bad thing, depending on your personal preferences! We found two greatcoats from our movie wardrobe thingie.



4.99 EUR

This little flat piece of metal aims to be a multitool in a package a bit smaller than a credit card. Yes, we understand, innovation drives humanity forward, but for Christ's and Muhammed's sake, the one who designed this is probably new to the concept of everything you are meant to do with this. Thank you, late Inttistore Ltd. for leaving these to us!

PVC morale patch, Classy AF

PVC morale patch, Classy AF ADDED TODAY

4.99 EUR

A classy and ironic patch for friends of NSFW humour.

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neon.rune INSTAGRAM Got those awesome pants from Varusteleka yesterday and couldn't wait for the cooler weather to wear them. The look was slightly compromised by my tactical flipflops, but I just can't wear combats when it's +26 outside. . . #varusteleka #lekalooks #streetwear #ootd #wdywt #waywt #miltec #camouflage #techwear #cyberpunk

edc_survival_tools INSTAGRAM ~ Deus Vult ~ @Varusteleka Terävä Jääkäripuukko 140 Sheath in cruise 🗡🛡 -Spec.Edt- Finnish Defence Forces M05 Camo Foxdura with Furious Mike @lcwduracoat painted Crusader Cross. Thanks for a photo E. #terävä #jääkäripuukko #laurinmetalli #crusader #templar #Crusade #tactical #tacticalknife #m05camo #lekalooks

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