Varusteleka is moving in the summer!
News 23.02.2018 Yeah, it’s true. We’ve sort of outgrown our old premises on Ruosilantie, and the time has come to pack up and move shop in July 2018. Our new address will be Hankasuontie 11A. About a kilometer north along Vihdintie. Nothing too dramatic. As we mentioned, the reason is quite clear -
Yeah, it’s true. We’ve sort of outgrown our old premises on Ruosilantie, and the time has come to pack up and move shop in July 2018. Our new address will be Hankasuontie 11A. About a kilometer north along Vihdintie. Nothing too dramatic.

As we mentioned, the reason is quite clear - our current home base is becoming a bit cramped, especially for a growing company such as Varusteleka. The best advantage of our new premises is that we’ve had a say in things right from the start, so we’ve been able to design things according to our own specifications. For example, our new warehouse is going to be pretty efficient, whereas at the moment there are a few bottlenecks. We have also designed “slightly” better working and social spaces, our shop will be larger, and Sotima will get it’s very own entrance and a terrace. One of the biggest advantages of the new place is that it is more energy-efficient, quieter, and comes equipped with solar panels.

Over the course of the spring we’ll start giving you updates on how our little project is coming along. The following dates are locked in so far:
  • 13-15.07.2018. The warehouse moves. There may or may not be all sorts of problems during this time. Our webshop will continue to serve you faithfully, but shipping times may increase. Our walk-in shop will continue to serve you at its current location.
  • 21-22.07.2018. Our walk-in shop moves. During this time the walk-in shop is closed. Obviously.
  • 23.07.2018. Our walk-in shop will open its doors at the new address, Hankasuontie 11A. Things may still be in a state of disarray, but we won’t let that stop us.
  • 11.08.2018. The world’s most epic shop opening ceremony! An absolutely unbelievable party... You won’t want to miss it!
  • 13.08.2018-30.9.2018. Our grand opening extravaganza will continue.

Want to help us out a little bit? Buy some stuff throughout the spring so we won’t have so much to move!


Why didn’t you move closer to the city center?

We won’t start to raise our prices just to pay the inner Ring I rent prices. In addition we want to keep all of our operations under one roof and offer the same selection in our walk-in shop as what is available in our webshop. There’s no space large enough on Aleksanterikatu that will meet these needs just yet.

How do you get to the new place?

Use the same means that you used to get to our current location - buses 321, 321N, 322, 332, 345, 345N, 346, 355, 355T move along Vihdintie, and according to Google Maps, it’s only about three minutes from the bus stop to Varusteleka. Also, because we have a high flow of customers, HSL has given us our own bus line, 39B, that ends its route right by our new place. This route is already in use, just in case you want to go take a look at the construction site.

You can take the train to Malminkartano station, and the distance from there is about the same as the distance from Kannelmäki station to our current location.

There will be plenty of parking spaces, as well as charging stations for electric cars. Get some of that!

Will the cost of this move show in the product prices?

No way! Things will actually move in the opposite direction: our current premises requires a lot of energy, isn’t very comfortable, and its design makes our work a bit more difficult. Our productivity should grow so much in our new premises that, for example, heating and air conditioning work perfectly, and a “free” bonus on top of everything else.

Will we be able to order things from the warehouse to the walk-in shop?

Yeah, we will work to maintain that function in our new premises as well. As with our current location, we’ll make sure that the warehouse is still right behind the wall of the walk-in shop. Our walk-in shop space will also grow, so more items are able to be put on display.

What will happen to Sotima?

Nothing but good will happen to Sotima. We’ll build Sotima in the new place and improve upon it. Sotima will have its own entrance that will allow for new and exciting possibilities. Oh, and we’ll of course have a terrace.

Is there a customer toilet?

YES! Imagine: no more labyrinth to navigate just to go pee! Sotima will have proper toilets, and Sotima is in the walk-in shop, so problem solved.

Will Sotima be open longer?

Technically it is possible, because of its own entrance. Once we get things rolling smoothly in the new place then we will begin testing how different opening hours work.

When is the moving sale for the current premises?

As we’ve said before, we don’t willy-nilly slash prices. All sorts of random articles and other stuff we don’t want to move will probably go on sale throughout the spring. We’ll give a heads up about it when things start moving along.

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Bundespolizei leather jacket, short, surplus

Bundespolizei leather jacket, short, surplus RELEASED TODAY

98.99 USD

What comes to leather jackets, the Germans have long traditions of these items of style and fascis-, uh fascination. Nowadays replaced with happy attitude and bright polyester uniforms, these not-so-old leathery relics have been retired and sold off to civilian market. Wohoo!

Swedish wool tunic, diagonal wool, surplus

Swedish wool tunic, diagonal wool, surplus RELEASED TODAY

24.99 USD

Our beloved Western neighbour made a classic wool tunic ages ago and released large stock of it to the civilian market. The tunic became an army surplus classic, as it's hard wearing, affordable and looks damn nice. Well guess what! They made a fancier diagonal wool version of it too. This must be a very limited production garment, we suspect these will not be available for long.

Thermos Stainless King 710 ml (24 oz)

Thermos Stainless King 710 ml (24 oz) RELEASED TODAY

39.99 USD

Don't let the name fool you too much, this Thermos works well with anything edible or drinkable. The large mouth facilitates easy operation & cleaning, while the steel construction is virtually unbreakable. Thermos products overall are made extremely well, it's always money well spent.

Motorola T81 Hunter PMR-radiopuhelin

Motorola T81 Hunter PMR-radiopuhelin RELEASED TODAY

98.99 USD

You don't need to be a hunter to appreciate the T81 Hunter. Basically you're looking a weatherproof walkie-talkie with features such as a 10 km max range, optional hands-free silent operation and the possibility to recharge it from your car battery.

Särmä kids' merino wool socks

Särmä kids' merino wool socks  RELEASED TODAY

4.99 USD

Made in Finland. Buy these or you don't love your child. They will thank you later, and not even at the cost of hating you now. The socks aren't thick at all, which means they are good for every season.

British Boot Combat High, surplus

British Boot Combat High, surplus RELEASED TODAY

39.99 - 49.99 USD

Issue British Army combat boots. Older model, the kind that actually was pretty stylish compared to modern sneakers. Used.

Särmä square scarf, merino wool

Särmä square scarf, merino wool RELEASED TODAY

34.99 USD

A square scarf is something everyone should have: it's stylish and versatile, as well as comfy. Here's a Merino woollen scarf to offer better functionality, even more comfort and blend in better - without age-old woven patterns. The wool is so fine that this doesn't even itch.

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