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Jämä Kilt

Jämä Kilt

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Your prayers have been answered. We finally made camo-patterned kilts. Truly fantastic summer attire for manly men, womanly women, and everybody really. Especially nice during these modern tropical summers. No problems with sweaty bits down there. Handmade in Finland.

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Your prayers have been answered. We finally made camo-patterned kilts. Truly fantastic summer attire for manly men, womanly women, and everybody really. Especially nice during these modern tropical summers. No problems with sweaty bits down there. Handmade in Finland.

We were thrilled to hear that Scotland might be joining the Nordic countries because of the Brexit. As you can see, our preparations for the new Nordic games are already in full swing. Because we didn’t want to appropriate any tartan patterns that belong to others, we decided to make these kilts in camo instead. So, these are perfect for some tactical stuff, too. Going on wilderness adventures during the mosquito season might sting a bit though.

The kilt is an amazing piece of clothing, especially on hot summer days when the gentle breeze caresses your tender parts. However, please refrain from unintentional (and especially intentional) Basic Instinct moments to avoid combat boots in the groin and lengthy prison sentences. Manspreading is already a nasty phenomenon and you don’t need to aggravate things even further.

The first one to arrive is the MTP-patterned kilt that is quite pleasant in urban environments, too. We only have a very limited amount of surplus fabric for this one, so get yours quickly. When it runs out, then these are out. The M05-patterned kilt that comes a bit later can be made in bigger quantities if people like it. And if people appreciate good things in life, we might make these in other patterns, too.

How to put this thing on

Because we wanted to make our kilt adjustable, it works a bit differently from the traditional ones. Arrange the fabric so that the pleated side is behind you and the straps are at the top. Grab the singular strap on your right and thread it through the opening on the fabric on your left side and tighten it with the buckle. Then wrap the loose end of the fabric to cover your front and tighten it with the two straps. Voila! It isn’t more complicated than this.

Materials and care

MTP is made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton (195g/m2 / 5.7 oz/yd2).

M05 is 50% polyester and 50% cotton (275 g/m2 / 8 oz/yd2).

We only recommend dry cleaning because of the pleats and buckles. The metal buckles can damage the washing machine, and the pleats disappear.

Size information

These come in two adjustable sizes. When selecting the size from the menu, you can see the recommended waist circumference. If you are in-between, the bigger might be more comfortable. The length of the garment is the same in both sizes, 62 cm (24.4").

The size is adjusted with the Swedish surplus straps. If it isn’t quite right, just puncture a new hole in the strap and it should be fine and dandy.

Made in Finland

Made in Finland from surplus materials. Manufactured by Suomen Käsityöteollisuuden Oy. Handmade Finnish stuff is great but of course the downside is a higher price tag.

Jämä is upcycled surplus

Click here for the whole Jämä selection.

Jämä is a Finnish word meaning leftovers or scraps. It’s also one of our house brands for equipment made from recycled or surplus materials. From time to time we accumulate stuff that doesn't sell well but is made out of outstanding materials. We've also got several capable seamstresses here, and the equation is pretty clear: cut that useless stuff apart and sew it back together to create something useful.

Because Finnish labour is one of the most expensive in the world, these are very simple, practical and rugged in design. Our development and prototype production remains in-house while most of the production is outsourced to Turku - still within Finland. Simplicity means strength: the fewer parts there are, the smaller the chance of breaking anything.


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2 ratings
I would recommend for a friend

Oih sinä viekoitteleva suvituulen vire. Olo on kuin sillä kuuluisalla kokkelihempukalla siinä kuvassa. Paitsi, että miehisempää ja vapautuneimpaa oloa saa hakea.

Ehdottomasti jatkoon. Hintakaan ei loppujen lopuksi kirpaise, kun kerran. Helppo säätää omalle eturepulle sopivaksi ja toisin, kun malli kuvissa suosittelen kommandona menoa, koska... noh huomaatte kyllä.

6/5, koska kunnon hyvä.
5 16 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Toimiva ja ilmava. S-L koko asettuu aivan hyvin 30" farkkuja käyttävälle ja hihnat ei vielä lyhimmillään.
0 0 Report abuse


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Govinda J. 01.07.2020
Ach! Weer's ye sporran lad?
10 0 Report abuse
Jonas F. 01.07.2020
Finally we can go commando in camo!
4 1 Report abuse
Gerrit L. 16.07.2020 (Edited 16.07.2020)
Can we get a non camo version, please?
4 1 Report abuse

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