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Wehrmacht collar tabs, officer's, infantry, reproduction

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Wehrmacht collar tabs, officer's, infantry, reproduction

A good quality reproduction of the WW2 German officer's collar tabs. White colour of the infantry.

The German WW2 collar tabs did not tell the specific rank of the wearer, but mainly separated officers from the enlisted men.

This is an accurate reproduction of the wartime collar tab. These belong to the tunic collar. Sold in pairs.

What! Nazi insignia?

Yep. There is an actual, legitimate demand for these, and mostly it's for pretty innocent purposes - theater, dress parties and reenactment. Of course, skinheads will most likely buy to them too, but it's not them we get these for.

You are spreading Nazism!

Hah. The only reason why somebody would want to wear this as a political emblem is because people make such a fuss about it. Ignore it and it loses its power, becoming just a sad reminder of the cruelty humans are capable of.

Why are the swastikas covered?

Because of internet censorship - webshops with swastikas end up in all kinds of blocking lists and cannot be accessed at all in some countries, such as France and Germany. We want our pages to be available in France as well and this trick does it. Also, the hilter-smiley is pretty funny.

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