W-SS shelter half, reproduction

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W-SS shelter half, reproduction
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Reproduction of the WW2 Waffen-SS shelter half. This type of Zeltbahn was used from 1943 onwards.

Every German soldier in WW2 was issued a Zeltbahn, which could be used as a part of a tent, a makeshift shelter, stretchers, rain/camouflage cape...you name it.

This is basically a triangle-shaped piece of thick water repellent cotton, printed with the Waffen-SS "Oak-B" camouflage, autumun colours on one side and summer on the other. Typically, four of these form, you guessed it, a four man tent. The shelter half has a hole in the middle for the head. No hood is necessary, as the steel helmet is waterproof. This hole can be closed with buttons when the Zeltbahn is used for something else than personal rain protection.

Reproduction, made by Sturm.

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