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USMC FILBE Assault Pack, coyote, surplus

USMC FILBE Assault Pack, coyote, surplus

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The US Marines are just as rough as pictured on the Aliens movie. Why else would these packs look like they've been through Iraq and still fit for civilian service? The coyote brown colour works anywhere and the pack is definitely well made and designed, but someone might want to clean it up a bit before use.

The MOLLE compatible large assault pack consists of a two-way zippered main space and a smaller outer compartment, additionally secured with compression straps. Inside the main compartment is a pocket for a radio/hydration carrier and a plastic sheet "frame". The total volume of the pack is about 35 litres. Designed by Arc'teryx!

Outside features

  • Padded back.
  • Wide shoulder straps featuring the normal quick-release system and an adjustable sternum strap. There's a secondary metal ALICE-type buckle if everything fails.
  • Waist strap with QR buckle closure.
  • On top of the pack is a heavy carrying handle and two radio/bladder tube ports.
  • Drainage holes on the bottom, with additional PALS webbing and fixed equipment straps.
  • PALS on the sides and front for attaching additional stuff.
  • Dimensions

    • Dimensions about 30 x 40 x 22 cm
    • Main compartment's dimensions 30 x 40 x 13 cm
    • Outside compartment's dimensions 23 x 30 x 7 cm
    • Should be OK as hand luggage when travelling by plane.

    Made of standard IR resistant, water repellent cordura. All straps are of heavy nylon construction.

    Rough surplus

    If you can't stand sand, salty stains, some honest fraying and maybe a busted "secondary" buckle, this pack is not for you. Overall the condition is a bit on the rough side. We recommend cleaning the pack with water and mild soap - scrub it up good.

    As is, these are still good to go what it comes to the important parts. These are all made by Eagle or Propper Industries.


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    I would recommend for a friend

    An excellent bag for the price, I bought this specifically to use as a motorcycle daysack as I wanted something hard wearing with a proper set of straps, but didn't have the money for a decent moto specific one and was very impressed once I had the chance to try it out

    The straps are properly set up to work with or without body armour and so sit very nicely over motorcycle pads without restricting movement, in particular the back has a wide channel running down the middle of it without any padding which means the bag actually sits comfortably over a large back protector without concentrating pressure into my spine, a problem I've had with other gear I've tried

    The bag is pretty generously sized, easily holding a full change of clothes and a pair of ankle length boots in the main compartment with some careful packing, and would hold enough supplies for a 2-3 day trip with a little space left over. The two velcro panels meant for a radio antenna/hydration tube are obviously useful for said hydration tube, but also give you a way to securely carry very long items without having to lash them to the outside, I've carried a overly long torque wrench in mine this way without it slapping into the back of my head with every step, and without having to worry about an expensive piece of kit falling off on the road because I never learned to tie knots properly. the very long flap makes it very easy to get bulky and awkwardly shaped items in and out, and also lets you quickly get to something at the bottom without taking everything on the top out

    PALS is a revelation, I've never owned something with PALS before, mostly because I have seen many disturbing examples of bags with a million pointless pouches hanging off them like tumorous growths, but have since realised that having a way to very securely attach more carrying capacity to something is actually a pretty good idea, I ordered a USGI Minimi ammo pouch on here about a week after getting the bag to use as a water bottle pouch and plan on getting another one for small tools

    There are only two things keeping this bag from perfection in my view, the fact that its ugly and that in mine, the plastic frame insert wasn't a thick black piece as seen in the photos, but a very flimsy translucent white thing that looks and feels to be the same material they make milk jugs out of, also the item description maybe undersells the sheer filthiness of these bags a little bit, mine came with a coating of coarse sand on the inside, general dirt and poop stains and what looks disturbingly like clotted blood on the inner organiser pocket of the secondary compartment, nothing that would damage functionality, but clean these VERY thoroughly before putting anything delicate inside
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