USAF leather mittens B3, brown, repro

27.99 USD
USAF leather mittens B3, brown, repro
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USAF leather fur hat B3, brown, repro
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USAF leather fur hat B3, brown, repro

45.99 USD

The US Air Force fur hat from the Second World War has a timeless classic look which makes it wearable anywhere without making the wearer look like a military lunatic. Made of real animal pieces!

Czechoslovakian backpack, brown, surplus

Czechoslovakian backpack, brown, surplus

9.99 USD

A small, brown canvas or linen backpack from Czechoslovakia. These are probably made in the earlier part of the Cold War, copied almost directly from the German World War 2 era rucksack. Actually a pretty nice piece, especially considering the price!

US B-3 bomber jacket, shearling, repro

US B-3 bomber jacket, shearling, repro

361.99 USD

A seriously warm leather jacket, reproduction of the wartime American model. Made famous during the war by general Patton, and much sought after by anyone who could afford one.

British RAF jacket, sheepskin, repro

British RAF jacket, sheepskin, repro

361.99 USD

A quality reproduction of the classic British WW2 leather flying jacket, model Irvin. Made of real sheepskin & fur.

Särmä merino watch cap

Särmä merino watch cap

22.99 USD

Standard woolly cap engineered to its full potential. Superb fit, uncompromising workmanship and the best possible materials don't come cheap but this one should last for a lifetime, provided you don't lose it.

Särmä sheep mittens

Särmä sheep mittens

54.99 USD

Cover your hands to warm fluffiness with these real sheep mittens! Very traditional piece of winter apparel, quality made entirely here in the Northern hemisphere, mostly in Finland.

Old timey shearling mittens, US Air Force style from the WW2 era. Warm and nice, but not recommended for heavy work. Best used for just keeping your hands warm, in which they work extremely well.

Made of real shearling, skin on the top, fur on the inside.

Size info

Sizes in simple S, M, L form. Just pick a size you usually wear, these should fit fine.

Factory new, made by Mil-Tec. Probably manufactured in China or India.

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Todella tukevat ja hyväntuntuiset rukkaset. Kylmällä lämpimät, leudoilla keleillä helkkarin kuumat. Koosta voin sanoa seuraavaa: XL on passeli minun lapaani, kämmenen ympärys on 22cm, eli kokoa 8. Eikä ole tippaakaan liian suuret.
Kiitokset, kohtuuhintaisista ja asiallisista milspec-vermeistä. Näitä lapas/thinsulate-yms-käsine-hipit kadehtii.
Nyt kun tarkemmin ajattelen, niin nämähän oli suorastaan halvat.
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