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USAF leather fur hat B-3, brown, repro

USAF leather fur hat B-3, brown, repro

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The US Air Force fur hat from the Second World War has a timeless classic look which makes it wearable anywhere without making the wearer look like a military lunatic. Made of real animal pieces!

Very traditional style, with fold-down earflaps and a surprisingly sleek form, nothing like boxy, majestic Soviet styling usually associated with fur hats. The front "flap" is sewn on from two spots, so if you really want to make the hat ugly, you can remove the stitching and it'll fall down.

Size info

Sizes in simple S, M, L style, with approx centimetre size in the brackets. These are based on our empiric experiments.

Factory new, made by Mil-Tec. Probably manufactured in China or India.


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I would recommend for a friend

20.06.2016 (Edited 21.06.2016)
I would recommend for a friend

Aivan tajuttoman siisti talvihattu jolla ei varmasti pää palele. hyvin istuva koko ja tarpeeks paksua karvaa.
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I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

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I would recommend for a friend

Mie niin tykkään. Päätä ei palele ja onhan tämä tyylikäs ilmestys. Ainoa mikä harmittaa on etten ole aiemmin tajunnut hommata.
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