US TL-29 folding knife, repro

15.99 USD
US TL-29 folding knife, repro
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BW "Bordmesser" navy knife

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Traditional German navy knife with Marlinspike. This is either genuine issue stuff, or a remarkable reproduction, but in any case a good tool for an affordable price.

Wästikivi Eräkivi whetstone

Wästikivi Eräkivi whetstone

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A rough translation of "Eräkivi" would be "wilderness stone", and that's exactly what this is - sized for easy carry, this little buddy is always ready to keep your blades in shape out in the wilderness. Size 120 x 30 x 10 mm. Made from natural Finnish phyllite, the same stuff that our ancestors used since they first invented a knife that needed maintenance. Naturally due to the natural nature of the stone these don't follow any man made grit values, but that doesn't really matter since each and every Wästikivi will surely keep your blade sharp!

US Pick Mattock cover, WW2-model, surplus

US Pick Mattock cover, WW2-model, surplus

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Gerber Paraframe Mini Tanto

Gerber Paraframe Mini Tanto

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A handy little folding knife for everyday carry. Small and lightweight, fits on a belt with its clip. A decent quality piece that fulfulls its task reliably.

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Pocket knives don't have to be flimsy cheapo afterthoughts! The LST is made in the US from high quality materials and fits in the condom pocket of your jeans.

MFH pocket knife, serrated tanto-blade

MFH pocket knife, serrated tanto-blade

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Back in 2012 we started selling the basic straight edge variant of this folding pocket knife. Here's an updated model with a different handle and tanto blade.

A century old design, the TL-29 has been a favourite in the US military throughout its life and is still an iconic working mans tool. This robust little thing is love at first sight!

TL stands for "Tool for Linemen", these were issued to electricians and others who had to fiddle around with cables and such in the service, and many men kept theirs after they had done their part. These have been manufactured by loads of different companies over the decades, with the design undergoing only minor changes, which says something.

The TL has two blades, a standard one as found on any folding knife and one with a sharpened, flat tip which doubles up as a screwdriver. This latter one features a liner lock, a simple design which secures the blade firmly in the open position.

New production, made by Mil-Tec.

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Pari 'alkuperäistä' (30 ja 50 luvulla leimatut) omistavana täytyy sanoo että tän terät on tosiaan helppo avata.

Terä pitää teränsä ihan ok. Ja veitti on tukevan tuntunen.

Kyllä tälle 3-4 staraa uskaltaa antaa. Ihan omiaan tälläsiin kodin ja pihapiirin pikkuhommiin,

kunhan muistaa että tukkimettälle kannattaa sit ostaa ihan oikee puukko.

Eikä tää oo hinnalla pilattu.
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