US T-shirt, white, surplus

US T-shirt, white, surplus

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Bog standard white cotton T-shirt, US Army surplus. If you're lacking one, get it here. Only size Small! Pretty much unisex - fits women too.

Being army issue, these are quality shirts. Being US Army issue, they're made in USA, not in the slave labour factories of Bangladesh.

Wash in 60 degrees Celsius. Hang dry.

Size info

First the easy size, then recommended chest circumference in centimetres converted directly from inches (34-36"). Lengthwise these fit about everyone. Our model in the pictures is size Medium (height 178 cm, chest circumference 100 cm, or US 40R), but the shirt still fits pretty well.


These came to us mostly factory wrapped, so they are in pretty nice shape. One-off lot!

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I would recommend for a friend

04.07.2018 (Edited 04.07.2018)

A bit too tight and thin for my taste, you can almost ( well, you can) see the nipples. But I have to admit they fit for a saturday night on fire. Its true, for size M people, these go fine. Anyway is just an undershirt. I don´t think you would wear these as t-shirt unless is the Pride day or some other special-festive-carpe diem- ocassion. It says 60 but i would wash them in 40 if they are not ultra dirty, just to keep them in shape bit longer since they are so thin.
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