US RDF jacket, olive drab, unissued, Small Regular

49.99 USD
US RDF jacket, olive drab, unissued, Small Regular
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Finnish M51 police tunic

Finnish M51 police tunic

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A genuine Finnish police tunic model 1951 made of diagonal weave wool fabric. One-off lot from our rental department! Rare stuff.

The US RDF uniform has often been seen in ERDL camouflage, but the OD variant seems to be much less common. Here's an unissued jacket, size Samll Regular. This example used to belong to a certain American gentleman's issue kit back in the day.

DLA100-78-C-0658, which mean's it's made in 1978.

Small Regular - NATO-size 170-180 / 84-94 cm. In US measurements 67-71" / 33-37".

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