US Marpat Woodland jacket, surplus

27.99 USD
US Marpat Woodland jacket, surplus
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Real deal USMC MARPAT jackets! Get!

Unlike the ACU, the Marines' combat uniform sports a camo pattern that actually makes the wearer harder to spot. The cut is however very simple: button closure, a collar that can be worn either down or upturned, two breast pockets, two sleeve pockets and button adjustment on the sleeve cuffs.

Made of 50/50 NyCo twill.

Size info

Usually these come in the standard US system, see the size chart here.

Sometimes we get women's sizes. These are in user's recommended chest circumference in inches, and length as a letter: XS, S, R or L. XS is good for shorter, 150 cm tall people, while L fits over 170 cm tall ladies.


Used, genuine USMC article. In nice overall shape.

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Womens jacket.... but using a bear (ded man) as model??????
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