US M7 gas mask bag, repro

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US M7 gas mask bag, repro
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It's about time they made a reproduction of the M7 gas mask bag! Since most issue bags are now fertilizing the French countryside, a reproduction is most welcome for those who need one. Like, everyone doing a US WW2 impression.

During the Normandy invasion, about every US soldier was issued a small black rubberized bag containing the gas mask. After the initial fighting, many masks & bags were certainly "lost", but it's pretty sure some kept the bag for carrying anything extra. One would think a virtually waterproof small bag has its uses in war.

Opened with four snap fasteners and carried with adjustable cotton straps. Stenciled to the front is the US Chemical Corps logo. Due to the odd shape of the bag measuring it is a bit of a challenge, but 30 x 18 x 14 cm is not far from the truth.

These are actually pretty good quality reproductions, and not bad at all in urban life either for those who can't resist the call of rubber.

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