US M37 Service shirt, EM, repro

49.95 EUR
US M37 Service shirt, EM, repro
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The problem with civilian neck ties is that they just fall apart in real rough use. Military neck ties are made to withstand combat!

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Soviet navy cockade, metal, surplus

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The standard US Army service shirt in World War 2. Every soldier was issued one of these. Despite this, it can well be used today as a casual piece of clothing, as it is a rather good looking and even functional shirt, more so than your standard cotton shirt from the department store.

Please note that the price is for the shirt only, other items seen in the pictures are not included.

This is a very basic and sharp looking service shirt. Button closure, two breast pockets. As this is the EM model, it does not have epaulettes.

Made of 75% polyester, 5% viscose and 20% wool. Wash in 40 degrees, air dry only. These are actually "technical shirts". The fabric looks and feels very much like wool.

Factory new reproduction.

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