US M-1950 trouser suspenders, surplus

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US M-1950 trouser suspenders, surplus
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Särmä TST L4 Field Trousers

Särmä TST L4 Field Trousers

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The L4 Field Trousers were designed for pure functionality. Smart materials, relaxed fit and clever details make the L4 Field Trousers what a pair of field pants should be, comfortable and utilitarian. These are a great alternative for the Finnish military issue M05 pants, which suffer from a load of compromises due to the fact that they were designed to double up as parade wear

US CWU-27/P flight coverall, olive drab, surplus

US CWU-27/P flight coverall, olive drab, surplus

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Flame retardant flying coverall in olive drab colour. Used by ground troops too, at least to some degree in the recent past. Real deal US issue stuff!

Inttistore M05 fur hat

Inttistore M05 fur hat

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The official cold weather fur hat of the Finnish defence forces. The fur hat has very, very long traditions in the Finnish army, it was actually after experiences in the Winter War of 1939 against us Finns that the Soviets adopted their now legendary Ushanka fur hats. In Finland the fur hat has been in military service as long as we´ve been independent and is still going strong. A very versatile and configureable model, this can be worn in many ways depending on the situation at hand. Finnish MILSPEC quality! Dead stock from Inttistore!

The US Army knows their stuff. These braces differ from regular braces by the fact that they fasten to trousers with two hooks. This way you can drop them pants without taking your jacket off!

These are made out of elastic material, with adjustment buckles on the sides. Best used with M65 or M51 trousers, but will work with most other high-waisted pants (Gorka, some of our Särmä TST models), as the hooks can be inserted through belt loops.

Genuine army surplus

Used, but in very serviceable condition.

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Olen 181 cm pitkä ja näissä jää säätövaraa noin viitisen senttiä, kun käyttää näitä sellaisten housujen kanssa joissa on sivuilla lenksu näiden kiinnittämiseen (esim. M65). Pidemmille sekä matalavyötäröisten ja henkselilenksuttomien housujen kanssa näissä ei välttämättä säätövara riitä.
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