US M-1943 mitten liners, wool, olive, surplus

US M-1943 mitten liners, wool, olive, surplus

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Real vintage - 1940's model American wool mittens. Mostly made of a blend of wool and nylon. These have been made for a long time, these gloves looked mostly like 70-80's manufacture.

Just like any old mittens, but these have the added benefit of a separate trigger finger, making operating weapons and other fiddly jobs a lot easier. Pull all fingers inside the big compartment to keep the forefinger warmer too. The perfect companion for the vintage-inspired outdoorsman. Of course the US Army advises us not to use these much without the liner, but anyone with half brain knows how wool mittens work.

Materials and care

Mostly made of a blend of 75% wool and 25% nylon. Wash as wool: 30 degrees Celsius with a gentle wool cycle, drip dry. Use of wool care products recommended!

Size info

These are cut rather big, by picking your size you'll have plenty of room inside. Pick by gut feeling and you're OK.

Proper ol' surplus

This is the real deal. Used, sometimes dusty and with a lovely smell of something old made of wool. The colours vary a bit but all are "green".


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I would recommend for a friend

Great item, very good!
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I would not recommend to a friend

Hmm... Varmasti hyvä tuote, jos kohdille sattuu semmoiset, joita ei ole pesty tai kulutettu kovaksi. Itselle ei sattunut, joten tämän enempää en oikein voi sanoa.
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I would recommend for a friend

Itselle on osunut kaksi paria noita vaalean oliivin värisiä "laatikkokäsimalleja", kunnosta päätellen käyttämättömiä - toimivat oikein hyvin yhdessä M-1965-kuorikintaiden kanssa, vaikka mistään tyköistuvuudesta ei oikein voi puhua. Villa on aika karheaa ja jäykkää, ainakin osittain nylonin määrästä johtuen, joten kestänee käyttöä paremmin kuin puhtaampi villa.
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I would recommend for a friend

I work night shifts on railway maintenance (catenary) and these mittens have helped tremendously to make those shifts nicer and warmer. I often end up having to hold a few buttons commanding the train for prolonged periods of time. The trigger finger is very nice. Combine this with savotta's handwarmers and you have yourself a night with warm hands.
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