US M-1943 jacket, surplus #3

90.99 USD
US M-1943 jacket, surplus #3
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The standard US Army service shirt in World War 2. Every soldier was issued one of these. Despite this, it can well be used today as a casual piece of clothing, as it is a rather good looking and even functional shirt, more so than your standard cotton shirt from the department store.

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Our staff is usually fully clothed in Varusteleka, but there was one constant exception: they wear jeans, and we didn't have them. We fixed this fault by making Good Ol' Proper Jeans.

The American M-1943 jacket was probably the best jacket of the whole World War 2. This original one-off jacket is a nice used example.

Made of thick cotton, everything works with buttons (easily repaired if necessary), made to fit large enough to accommodate warm stuff underneath. A very basic classic field jacket.

Size info

Marked size 40S. Officially fits about 160-170 cm tall person with a chest circumference of 102 cm.


Used and worn. Has some general signs of wear and tear, missing button here, a repair there, but in wearable, OK condition. After all, it's a 70-year old used coat.

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