US light stick, Cyalume, Mil-Spec

2.99 USD 3.99 USD
US light stick, Cyalume, Mil-Spec
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Cheapo light stick, 150 x 15 mm

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Cheapo light stick, 150 x 10 mm

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Cheap copy of the US armed forces light stick. Works very well. This one's smaller than the normal model and thus a good bit cheaper.

Mil-Tec Light Stick, Magnum, 350x25mm

Mil-Tec Light Stick, Magnum, 350x25mm

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A colossal lightstick which can turn anything or anyone into a lighthouse. (For lighthouse purposes, teenage emo girls are the best)

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Mini light sticks, 10 pcs, assorted colours

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BW survival vest, Flecktarn, surplus

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German army Flecktarn camouflaged service shirts converted to vests by East German ladies.

Magpul QD Sling Swivel

Magpul QD Sling Swivel

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Push-button quick-detach sling swivel for 1-1/4" webbing, compatible with QD sling attachment points. Manganese-phosphate finished steel. This is basic stuff on a modern self-loading rifle. Compared to traditional sling swivels this allows the webbing to un-rotate in case it twisted a bit when you threw the sling over your head. Also being able to quickly detach from your rifle might be important in some situations.

NATO standard lightsticks made in Europe, but according to US specifications. These light up considerably stronger than the cheaper variants.

Measurements: 15 x 1,5 cm.

Illumination times:

  • Green, 12 h
  • Orange, 12 h
  • Red, 12 h
  • Yellow, 12 h
  • White, 8 h
  • Blue, 8 h
  • DO NOT BREAK THE CASING, as the chemicals inside may cause slight skin irritation, swelling, and in rare cases vomiting and nausea.

    Factory new.

    Review of the US glowstick

    Since every man's right includes not making an bonfires, this is a great alternative for sitting in a ring and telling ghost stories, even though it won't roast your marshmallows.

    This stick emits pretty decent light and it isn't really suited for marking your friends, as those that aren't so friendly may see it as well. Therefore, when using it to mark other friendlies, you should tape it so that there is a small opening in the middle. This way it will remain visible when viewed from the right angle, but it won't illuminate the whole area around you. A little tip for all of you soldiers: put this on the ruck of the guy on point. This way the enemies can't see the light, and the guy in front will be a lot easier to follow in the dark. But don't tell them that I told you, they might get mad.

    In the field test this little stick glowed for quite some time. The promised 8.5 hours on the packed was more than enough, after which the power starts to drop. For marking objectives, this thing works even longer, nearly a full 24 hours.


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