US jungle jacket, first pattern, repro

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US jungle jacket, first pattern, repro
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The standard US Army service shirt in World War 2. Every soldier was issued one of these. Despite this, it can well be used today as a casual piece of clothing, as it is a rather good looking and even functional shirt, more so than your standard cotton shirt from the department store.

If the Americans did something right during the Vietnam war, it's the jungle uniforms. This is a proper good reproduction of the 1st pattern jungle jacket. And by a good reproduction we mean these also are well made, along with being just about identical to the originals.

The jungle uniform was made in three patterns during the course of the war. While the general outlook was the same for all of these, the most visible detail of the first pattern was the exposed buttons - on the later models they were hidden under the flaps to prevent snagging.

The jacket is pretty simple: four large pockets and adjustment tabs at the waist & sleeves. Being a combat jacket, the cut does not restrict movement. Worn with the right accessories, this actually doesn't look like an army jacket at all. If you're not going for the Vietnam war vet look, you might want to remove the included insignia (US ARMY tag and "RYAN" name tag, 1st Cavalry sleeve patch).

Wash in 30 degrees.

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Factory new, made by Teesar Inc.

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