US ECWCS trousers, Gore-Tex, Woodland, surplus

US ECWCS trousers, Gore-Tex, Woodland, surplus

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Real deal US Gore-Tex trousers in Woodland camouflage. These are a part of the ECWCS clothing system.

US Army ECWCS Generation I uniform. ECWCS stands for Extended Cold Weather Clothing System, which was developed in the 1980's.

The ECWCS uniform consists of a jacket and trousers, both with Gore-Tex membrane and taped seams. ECWCS systems enables action in all climates - damp to arctic cold (or even for those cold desert nights). The secret lies in a clothing system based on layers. These trousers (and the jacket) are the outer layer. Both the trousers and the jacket are loosely fit to accommodate warm layers underneath.

The Gore-Tex trousers have two inlets for undergarment access, one on each side. The legs have zippers, so that the trousers can be pulled on easily with boots on. The waist can be adjusted with an elastic cord. Snap fastener & zipper fly.

Care advice

Machine wash warm with a detergent suitable for technical membrane clothes. These clothes work best when kept clean, so don't neglect it! Treat with something the folks at your local sports shop told you is good for shell jackets, and it'll actually breathe better: a water-repelling garment breathes, unlike a soaked one.

Size info

The US Army sizing is different from civilian manufactured clothes. Basically Small, Medium, Large etc. only refer to width and there are three basic length groups Short, Regular and Long. Following the easy size you'll find recommended user total height and waist in centimetres.

For more details take a look at the US trousers size chart page.

US Military Surplus

Used, but in serviceable condition. These were originally made to last in rough conditions, but looks like harm was not found wearing these. Single snap-fasteners might be damaged and hooks-and-loops are not brand new of course.


Washing textiles

Washing textiles

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