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US ECWCS jacket, Gore-Tex, Woodland, surplus

US ECWCS jacket, Gore-Tex, Woodland, surplus

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The shell jacket is often the most expensive piece of garment you buy. Doesn't have to be! This US ECWCS jacket offers modern materials and features in a high-quality package for a fraction of the price.

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The shell jacket is often the most expensive piece of garment you buy. Doesn't have to be! This US ECWCS jacket offers modern materials and features in a high-quality package for a fraction of the price.

This here is a US Army ECWCS Generation I jacket in Woodland camouflage. ECWCS (or "EK'WAX") stands for Extended Cold Weather Clothing System, development of which began in the 1980's. ECWCS is a layered clothing system and enables action in all climates - damp to arctic cold (or even for those cold desert nights). This jacket is part of the outer layer and the Gen I -type was manufactured until 2005.

Modern army features

The jacket is generously cut, features large ventilation zippers in the armpits and has five pockets:

  • Two large hem pockets
  • Two inside breast pockets with velcro closure
  • One small pocket on the sleeve

The high collar and hood come in handy in windy and humid weather conditions. The hood has a special shape and small lid, which allows it to turn with your head when you look around.

The jacket is closed with a high-quality 2-way zipper and sealed with a stormflap and a row of snap fasteners. A snow lock at the waist keeps any unwanted material and wind out. The hem, waist, hood and sleeve cuffs are all adjustable for protection / ventilation.

The jacket has a genuine Gore-Tex membrane to keep wind and water out, but it breathes much better than a rubber raincoat. The seams are taped for complete waterproofing.

Care advice

Machine wash warm with a detergent suitable for technical membrane clothes. These clothes work best when kept clean, so don't neglect it! Treat with something the folks at your local sports shop told you is good for shell jackets, and it'll actually breathe better: a water-repelling garment breathes, unlike a soaked one.

Size info

The US Army sizing is different from civilian manufactured clothes. Basically Small, Medium, Large etc. only refer to width and there are three basic length groups Short, Regular and Long. Following the easy size you'll find recommended user height and chest circumference in centimetres.

For more details take a look at the US jackets size chart page.

US Military Surplus

Used, but in serviceable condition. These were originally made to last in rough conditions, but looks like harm was not found wearing these. Single snap-fasteners might be damaged and hooks-and-loops are not brand new of course.


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3.5 / 5
4 ratings
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I would not recommend to a friend

10.06.2018 (Edited 10.06.2018)
Take a look at the armpit picture and the next two - 80 EUR is overpriced ! I buy them new for ten more elsewhere !
4 3 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Even though I bought this jacket elsewhere. I still give this 5 stars, it keeps snow and rain out while keeping heat in.
0 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Ostin rotsin matkaendurotakiksi - panssaripaidan päälle tälläiset on mahtava kombinaatio märkiin metsiin ja arktisiin syysiltoihin. Harmillisesti otin tämän kokeiluun metsäkeikalle ja ihastuin niin että en ehkä raaski käyttää mopohommissa (tai sitten pitää ostaa toinen).

5/5 En voi antaa koska

A) hyvä takki on kuin hyvä asianajaja - suojaa sun perseen. Tämä takki ei sitä tee.
B) ominaisuuksistaan huolimatta ehkä vähän ylihinnoiteltu
2 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Kiva kolmen vuodenajan takki syksystä kevääseen. Käytännöllinen, paljon tilaa taskuissa. Olin takkiin kovin tyytyväinen, kunnes erehdyin ottamaan sen kuoritakiksi vaellukselle kesällä. Kesäolosuhteisiin (10-15C) rinkan kanssa se oli liian paksu ja lämmin, mutta toisaalta kovassa vesisateessa ei pitänyt vettä. Ilmeisesti enimmäkseen kainalon vetoketjujen kautta pääsi niin paljon vettä sisään, että olo oli sateessa samaan aikaan tukahduttavan lämmin ja likomärkä ja kylmä.
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