US angle head flashlight, MX991/U, surplus

US angle head flashlight, MX991/U, surplus

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The classic angle head torch, available is the older model (no protective ears next to the power switch) and the newer one, sorted out for your collection fantasies. By modern standards this thing is hopelessly large, heavy and has a low light output, but aah those golden PTSD memories from the Vietnam war!

Works with two D batteries, might have extra lenses of different colour, or not, depending on how responsible the previous owners were. Has a clip on the backside to hang this on your pocket or webbing equipment or nipples or whatever. Very handy.

Available in military green or yellow/black sparkproof model meant for dangerous environments.

Used surplus

Being half-a-century old and used, we cannot guarantee functionality. However these do not have many parts, you'll probably get away with changing the bulb and cleaning up the contact surfaces. Sold mainly as a collectible, if you're looking for a good torch, we have plenty of better alternatives.

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