Tuisku original anti-slip pads

8.99 USD
Tuisku original anti-slip pads
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HAIX Airpower P3

HAIX Airpower P3

153.99 USD

Heroes wear HAIX, all right? These are light, very breathable, very comfortable and waterproof by virtue of being lined with Gore-Tex.

BW combat boots model 2000, surplus

BW combat boots model 2000, surplus

38.99 - 54.99 USD

German current issue infantry combat boot, Kampfstiefel 2000. This is true Teutonic quality, a really tough combat boot that is surprisingly good just for walking. These are used, we get random sizes and especially large ones are often sold fast. If you want these, act now!

HAIX Airpower Pro R

HAIX Airpower Pro R

180.99 USD

Although HAIX footwear tends to be good for about any weather or climate, but the Pro model is specifically designed for the Northern wastes: it has more leather, a wider last and a specially designed sole which is better suited to low temperatures, providing increased traction. Needless to say, this is a superior model for colder climates.

Jalas Fantom Drylock

Jalas Fantom Drylock

144.99 USD

In Finland the comic character "The Phantom" (you know, the butch guy who runs around the Bengal jungle in purple tights) is immensely popular. In fact he's so famous that Jalas actually went and named a boot after him. And a top quality boot it is too! We are especially thrilled, as these fit our wide, hairy Finnish hobbit feet well.

Grub's Snowline 8.5 winter boot

Grub's Snowline 8.5 winter boot

81.99 USD

Seriously proper winter boots by the British company Grub's. Someone did something wrong and ended up offering these for us for a price we couldn't refuse - for the customer, this means well over 100 EUR boots for way less! These are the kind you definitely want when the temperatures start reaching down to zero and below. As a side note, these have been seen in use by the Finnish Border Guards, to give you some perspective of the quality.

High-visibility vest, day-glo yellow

High-visibility vest, day-glo yellow

4.99 USD

A simple high-visibility vest, the kind that way more cyclists should wear. Of course this fits into the car trunk as well. These are dead stock from a dead company and priced accordingly.

Rubber thingies with metal studs which you pull over boots to increase traction on slippery ground. Available in different sizes.

Instructions of use: pull the front part over the nose of the boot, pull the back part over the heel. Use the provided flap to ease the process. Check the fit, adjust if necessary and you're ready to go.

Special info for special individuals: these are meant for outdoor use only.

Size info

Pick the same size as your boots. Pictured are size 43 boots with size 41-43 pads.

Factory new. Designed in Finland, made in Taiwan. The official life span for these is three years, but one of our employees has had his for 5 years with no sign of giving up.

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Hitto vieköön näillähän kävelee peilijäällä kuin kesällä! Laitoin kokeeksi jalkaan lunta kolatessa ja en sitten kertaakaan liukastunut täyttä kolaa ylämäkeen lykkiessä. Onhan nämä nyt ihan naurettavan halvat kun tekevät oikeasti sen mihin ne on suunniteltukin. Liukuesteet saa todella helposti paikoilleen vaikka rukkaset kädessä ja pysyvät niillä sijoillaan. Oma kengän numero 43, mutta otin 44-46 koon, koska 2 paria käyttämistäni kengistä ovat tavallista leveämmät joka suuntaan. Hyvin pysyy silti normi 43 koon kumppareissa.
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