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Tube socks, surplus, unsorted

Tube socks, surplus, unsorted

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Do you often have trouble with sock sizes? Worry no more, these tube socks will fit you no matter how large your feet and how long your legs! You'll just have to find the hole to stuff your foot in and pull. This sock can cover other things as well. We're talking about pet snakes of course.

No idea about the materials, but these feel like a mixture of cotton and wool, which is a good thing. Wash in 40 degrees Celsius, hang dry.


Nobody knows about the origin, we got these from Finland and that's it. They're probably from the 80's or 90's. Unworn, of course. Judging from the prominent Pippi Långstrump style appearance and cheerful colour these could be Swedish army issue, who knows.

The perfect gift

Everybody loves socks, we guess. With these you don't have to know the recipient's size either.


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I would recommend for a friend

05.02.2019 (Edited 14.02.2019)
Järkyttävän väriset, järjettonän pituiset, ja hinta/ laatusuhde kohdallaans. Näin pitkät sukat ovat hyvä eriste vaikka viilettäis verkkarit jalassa pakkasella... Laitan yhen parin tutulle rouvalle, katotaan tuleeko lisää tilauksia.... älkää muut tilatko ees anopille - jää miulle enemmän.
edit 14.2 pitää tilata lisää, kun yks sukka meni kylppäriin - sinne laitoin palasaippuan.... Ei tarkoitus ei ole käyttää impro lyömäaseena, vaan eipä tarvii saippuaa noukkia lattialta kun se on suihkuputkessa kiinnii ja ulottuvuus on hyvä! Sen oppi bastiljissa, että joku muu saa nostaa
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I would recommend for a friend

Nice socks for cheap, what else can I say.
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