Tru-Spec Trek Sling Pack

69.95 EUR
Tru-Spec Trek Sling Pack
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Mil-Tec Modular System general purpose pouch, Small

Mil-Tec Modular System general purpose pouch, Small

8.99 EUR

An affordable small utility pouch from Mil-Tec. Attach to anything with PALS on it and carry anything that you can fit in it. Some water canteens fit (not the US 1q though) and it's able to carry three 7.62 mm AK magazines in a pinch.

A small every day carry bag. Despite the official info mainly concentrating on how many pistols you can carry in this, the thing is very versatile for just about anyone. Kind of like a traditional "Assault Pack" but smaller and with just one shoulder strap.

Three main compartments with dividers and loops for attaching additional stuff - also on the outside. Designed to carry a tablet too.

Dimensions 30,5 x 26,5 x 20 cm, volume 11 litres. A very nice size for something you usually have with you when on the go. Will work as a range bag too!

Factory new, made by Tru-Spec.

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