Tru-Spec H2O Proof™ Gen-2 ECWCS Parka, black

78.99 USD 137.99 USD
Tru-Spec H2O Proof™ Gen-2 ECWCS Parka, black
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Tru-Spec M65 field jacket, with liner

Tru-Spec M65 field jacket, with liner

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Mil-Tec ECWCS jacket with detachable fleece liner, black

Mil-Tec ECWCS jacket with detachable fleece liner, black

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Teesar ECWCS Level 5 Soft Shell trousers

Teesar ECWCS Level 5 Soft Shell trousers

44.99 USD

A decent civilian copy of the US Army Gen3 ECWCS Level 5 soft shell trousers in black, you won't look like a military-lunatic or deserter on the run in these! A very good choice for almost any use.

If the weather in spring and fall are not your cup of tea, a waterproof and breathable jacket like this just might change that.

The ECWCS parka is a modern hardshell jacket made of 3-layer laminate with Dintex membrane. You’ll be safe and sound from the elements wearing one, but it breathes better than a rubber coat. Conquering the Alps is not mandatory if you choose to wear it: just taking the dog out for a walk in miserable weather is a good application. There’s no lining, so the principles of layered clothing apply: wear a base layer and a thermal mid-layer as and when necessary. An internal snow lock prevents your body heat from escaping from the hem.

The military background can be seen in various handy details and features, but the biggest giveaway is the rank insignia tab. Entirely suitable for civilian use however.

  • Upright collar with drawstring adjustment and a hidden hood inside.
  • The hood also has a drawstring and a rear adjustment tab.
  • Sleeve pockets with flap closure.
  • Two large front pockets.
  • Hook and loop cuff adjustment.
  • Hidden internal pockets.
  • Two-way main zipper with a double storm flap.
  • Rank insignia tab.
  • Reinforced elbows.
  • Zippered ventilation below the arms.
  • Snow lock with drawstring at the waist.

    Bang for the buck is strong with this ones. Compared to really cheap jackets the material is more pliable and not as noisy, although it’s certainly not a piece you’d wear for silent hunting. Critical zippers and snap fasteners are made by YKK and Prym, and all seams have had special attention paid to them with seam tape from Bemis (hehe, Benis).

    Size info

    Sizes in the standard US system, with centimetre measurements for user's height and chest circumference. The US sizes run widthwise a bit small, we suggest picking by our centimetre measurements for better fit. However if you have to order by the US size, pick one size larger than you normally would.

    We recommend hand-washing waterproof clothing, no matter what the tag might say.

    Made by Tru-Spec

    Tru-Spec is pretty well known around the world for their tactical garments, even our Finnish peacekeepers are issued with their combat shirts! Tru-Spec manufactures their garments in Honduras, Indonesia etc., thanks to strict quality control and high quality materials the end result is a reliable piece of clothing fit for active use!

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    A thin and comfortable raincoat. I picked the same size as I normally wear and it worked out just fine.
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