Tru-Spec H2O Proof™ ECWCS Trousers, black

81.99 USD
Tru-Spec H2O Proof™ ECWCS Trousers, black
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Tru-Spec H2O Proof™ Gen-2 ECWCS Parka, black
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Teesar ECWCS Level 5 Soft Shell trousers

Teesar ECWCS Level 5 Soft Shell trousers

40.99 USD

A decent civilian copy of the US Army Gen3 ECWCS Level 5 soft shell trousers in black, you won't look like a military-lunatic or deserter on the run in these! A very good choice for almost any use.

If the weather in spring and fall are not your cup of tea, waterproof and breathable trousers like these just might change that.

ECWCS trousers are modern hardshell trousers made of 3-layer laminate with Dintex membrane. You’ll be safe and sound from the elements in these, but they breathe better than rubber pants. Conquering the Alps is not mandatory if you choose to wear these: just taking the dog out for a walk in miserable weather is a good application for these. There’s no lining, so the principles of layered clothing apply: wear long johns and a thermal mid-layer when necessary.

The military background means simple functionality. Instead of pockets these trousers have pass-throughs to access the pockets of trousers you wear undernath, so you don’t have to switch stuff from one pocket to another when putting these on. The pass-throughs have water resistant zippers and flaps with snap-fasteners to keep water outside.

  • Drawstring waist with cord lock
  • Dintex™ inner lining
  • Zipper fly with snap button
  • Reinforced knees
  • Zipper leg openings with hook & loop ankle adjustments

    Bang for the buck is strong with these ones. Compared to really cheap shell pants the material is more pliable and not as noisy, although it’s certainly not a piece you’d wear for silent hunting. Critical zippers and snap fasteners are made by YKK and Prym, and all seams have had special attention paid to them with seam tape from Bemis (hehe, Benis).

    Size info

    Sizes in the normal US system, and run a bit small. Pick a larger size than you normally would. Usually we wouldn't recommend this, but if you pick the size you usually wear, it's going to be tight and sexy, and you DON'T want that with shell trousers. Lengthwise these are as they should be: "Regular" fits about 170-180 cm tall people, "Long" will be good for just a tad over 190 cm tall person too.

    We recommend hand-washing waterproof clothing, no matter what the tag might say.

    Made by Tru-Spec

    Tru-Spec is pretty well known around the world for their tactical garments, even our Finnish peacekeepers are issued with their combat shirts! Tru-Spec manufactures their garments in Honduras, Indonesia etc., thanks to strict quality control and high quality materials the end result is a reliable piece of clothing fit for active use!

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    I would recommend for a friend
    Great trousers but NO, do NOT get a size larger. These things are baggy and large NOT tight and sexy...I normally wear medium and based on their advice I ordered a large size. Big mistake. They are noway too large I feel like they were made for Arnold S. or Shaquil O. Now I have to pay a lot of money for alteration sell them or give them away. For the bad advice I am forced to give them only 3 stars. Otherwise they are well made and have great quality.
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