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Teesar ECWCS Level 5 Soft Shell trousers

Teesar ECWCS Level 5 Soft Shell trousers

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A decent civilian copy of the US Army Gen3 ECWCS Level 5 soft shell trousers in black, you won't look like a military-lunatic or deserter on the run in these! A very good choice for almost any use.

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A decent civilian copy of the US Army Gen3 ECWCS Level 5 soft shell trousers in black, you won't look like a military-lunatic or deserter on the run in these! A very good choice for almost any use.

These are made of tight woven nylon fabric, which is not completely waterproof, but still holds off rain quite well. The uniform does not get very wet and dries quickly. It is completely windproof and, having no membrane, very breathable.


  • Zipper & press-button fly, elastic waist, belt loops, suspender loops
  • Zippers on waist and leg ends for easy donning with shoes on, waist zippers also give access to whatever you have inside your trousers
  • Side "hand warming" pockets and big cargo pockets
  • Press studs on leg ends
  • Very light weight, which, with the spacious cut, allows for completely unrestricted movement

Made of 98% nylon, 2% spandex. According to the manufacturer, the material is identical to the stuff used by the US army. No membrane = highest possible breathability and light weight compared to membrane clothing. The fabric is windproof and water-repellent to some extent, i.e. keeps out light rain. Can be treated to be more waterproof.

Size info

First easy US style size (the size marked on the trousers), in the brackets our estimates of user's suitable height and waist in centimetres. If you fall between two sizes, pick the larger one.


Teesar and Mil-Tec are brands by Sturm. Of these two, Teesar is "the better one", but both give a good bang for the buck. While these do not fill any military specs, they work well in civilian life. At least we have been satisfied with these.


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I would recommend for a friend

These are great as overtrousers during winter commutes. I was comfortable in -25c weather, layering these over regular jeans. Snow simply brushes off without any sign of soaking into the material. Definitely worth getting a pair, if you're looking for something to extend your winter weather comfort levels.
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I would recommend for a friend

Housujen käytettävyydestä en valitettavasti voi sanoa mitään, vaikka haluaisinkin. Saman sarjan takki on pirun hyvä joten suurin odotuksin tilasin housutkin. Tässä vaiheessa arvostelua on pakko arvostella kokoluokitusta: päin helvettiä. Siis mistä tuo 2 cm pituusero vs. pituus S -> XL juontaa? Itse kokeilin kahta eri kokoa: ensin vyötärönympäryksen mukaan (100 cm -> XL) jolloin sain jättiläiselle sopivat housut mutta tämmöselle 170 cm pätkälle ei oikein käyneet: putosivat nilkkoihin kun päästin kauluksesta irti. Vaihdoin kokoon M, jolloin vyötärö kyllä sopi vaikka kokoluokituksenne mukaan mun olis pitänyt olla 20 cm pienenmpi vyötärömitaltani. Silti lahkeet on järkyttävän pitkät 170-senttiselle. Jos näitä housuja harkitsee, kannattaa olla yli 180 cm pitkä.
Housut on varmasti ihan hyvät joten suosittelen, mutta voisiko kokoja olla lyhyemmillä lahkeilla? Huonot pisteet tulee nyt siis Lekan kokotaulukolle, joka on täysin pielessä. Mielestäni. Ja sitähän tässä kysyttiin.
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