Tasmanian Tiger Tac Pouch 4

16.99 USD
Tasmanian Tiger Tac Pouch 4
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Särmä VFS MOLLE/PALS belt adapter
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Särmä VFS MOLLE/PALS belt adapter

2.99 - 3.99 USD

"How to attach MOLLE or PALS pouches to a belt?" is a common question. Now we have an answer that doesn't involve zip-ties or Paracord, but still costs peanuts.

Tasmanian Tiger Map Pouch

Tasmanian Tiger Map Pouch

19.99 USD

A cargo pocket sized foldable map and memo pouch. Clear window for map reading and compartments for pencils and notebooks.

Tasmanian Tiger SGL Pistol Mag Pouch

Tasmanian Tiger SGL Pistol Mag Pouch

11.99 USD

A basic single pistol magazine pouch, the perfect size for multi tools and cellphones as well.

Tasmanian Tiger 2 SGL Mag Pouch M4

Tasmanian Tiger 2 SGL Mag Pouch M4

22.99 USD

Open top magazine pouch for two AR-15 mags.

Tasmanian Tiger Cig Bag

Tasmanian Tiger Cig Bag

9.99 USD

Well, it's a tactical cigarette pouch. If you smoke, what the hell are you reading this for, grab one already! But not only for cigarettes: this actually is a nice handy little utility pouch.

Särmä TST CP10 Mini Combat pack

Särmä TST CP10 Mini Combat pack

98.99 USD

A smaller, lighter, sleeker variant of our full blooded Särmä TST Combat Pack. 10 liter volume, lots of PALS on the outside, a flat zippered pouch on the back, hydration bladder compartment on the inside, tie down straps against the back and a large mesh pocket on the inside of the panel lid.

Särmä TST DP10 Roll-Top daypack

Särmä TST DP10 Roll-Top daypack

68.99 USD

DP10 as in DayPack, 10 litres, is a small roll-top pack with generous PALS webbing for additional pouches and gear. Extremely simple, extremely reliable (and easy to repair if ever necessary). Can be integrated into a rucksack (as a daypack lid) or vest/body armour (as a combat pack) using separate adapters.

Särmä TST General purpose pouch Zip XS

Särmä TST General purpose pouch Zip XS

29.99 USD

A small horizontal general purpose pouch with zipper closure and elastic webbing for organizing small trinkets. Can also function as a "Mini IFAK" fitting a small first aid dressing, a package of Quikclot and an emergency blanket.

Tasmanian Tiger Tac Pouch 7

Tasmanian Tiger Tac Pouch 7

27.99 USD

A large utility pouch that can carry most anything you ever need to have on you in a combat situation. Easy to use and keeps everyhing well organized for quick access in the field.

A small size general purpose utility pouch, perfect for small trinkets or a lightweight medical kit. Due to the compact size this pouch is comforatbly worn even directly on your trouser belt.

  • External measurements approx. 15 x 10 x 5 cm.
  • Two-way zipper, velcro patch and one row of PALS webbing on the outside.
  • Elastic loops for securing kit and an attachment ring for keys or the like.
  • Drainage grommet at the bottom.
  • Material 700D Cordura.

Made by Tasmanian Tiger

Tasmanian Tiger is the sister company of the German outdoors gear manufacturer Tatonka. Tasmanian Tiger has a reputation of making solid quality, mid-tier gear. Tasmanian Tiger gear is best suited for advanced users such as sport shooters or LE officers. In some cases Tasmanian Tiger gear can be recommended for military use.

Manufactured in Vietnam.

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