Tasmanian Tiger Flash Lite Case Police

9.99 USD
Tasmanian Tiger Flash Lite Case Police
Price 9.99 USD. In stock 11 pcs. Saatavana käytettynä! Products in stock are also available in our walk-in store.
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Tasmanian Tiger Leader Admin Pouch

Tasmanian Tiger Leader Admin Pouch

33.99 USD

A slightly larger admin pouch, basically a proper field office. Opens up completely to from three sides to allow free fiddling about with all the little gadgets and notebooks inside.

Tasmanian Tiger Tac Pouch 5

Tasmanian Tiger Tac Pouch 5

25.99 USD

A medium size general purpose utility pouch, perfect for small trinkets or a medical kit. Big enough to also work as an admin pouch, lots of different compartments etc. inside to keep your stuff organized. PALS attachment.

Tasmanian Tiger Cig Bag

Tasmanian Tiger Cig Bag

9.99 USD

Well, it's a tactical cigarette pouch. If you smoke, what the hell are you reading this for, grab one already! But not only for cigarettes: this actually is a nice handy little utility pouch.

Tasmanian Tiger Glove Pouch MKII

Tasmanian Tiger Glove Pouch MKII

16.99 USD

Just like a wallet, but for two pairs of latex gloves. Thanks to the MOLLE attachment, this can be attached to your belt or vest.

Tasmanian Tiger Cuff Case Closed MKII

Tasmanian Tiger Cuff Case Closed MKII

12.99 USD

A closed handcuff pouch. Fast to operate nontheless, just rip open the velcro & snap flap and lift the cuffs. Velcro belt loop fits most equipment and duty belts.

Tasmanian Tiger Silent Keyholder MKII

Tasmanian Tiger Silent Keyholder MKII

8.99 USD

A silent keyholder is just that: a small pouch that keeps your keys securely and silently in order, locked away in a confined space. Just like we keep our employees when not in use.

Snigel Design Expandable Baton Holder, black

Snigel Design Expandable Baton Holder, black

27.99 USD

An open top holder for telescopic batons, many attachment options and high quality construction.

A simple, robust pouch for your torch. Velcro belt loops for attachment onto duty belts.

Measurements 17 x 5 x 4 cm. Material 700D Cordura.

Made by Tasmanian Tiger

Tasmanian Tiger is the sister company of the German outdoors gear manufacturer Tatonka. Tasmanian Tiger has a reputation of making solid quality, mid-tier gear. Tasmanian Tiger gear is best suited for advanced users such as sport shooters or LE officers. In some cases Tasmanian Tiger gear can be recommended for military use, although the service life of Tasmanian Tiger gear will probably not be as long as that of similar products actually made for military use.

Manufactured in Vietnam.

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Ostin tämän jotta saisin tasan 17 cm pitkälle Fenix TA21- valaisimellini kotelon. Lamppu ei kuitenkaan mahtunut koteloon siten että velcrot tapaisivat toisensa. Pistin kokeeksi kotelon sisään kelluvan Gopro kahvan ja mittasin kotelon: Kotelo on korkeintaan 15,5 cm mittauskohdasta riippuen. Tällöinkään kotelo ei ollut täysin suljettu.

Valmistusmateriaalien laatu tuntuu kuitenkin hyvältä ja velcrot ovat vahvoja. Vyökiinnike on "kaksoisläppä" -tyylinen, joten olettaisin sen kestävän kiinni hieman rajummassakin menossa.

Minun kohdallani tuote kuitenkin lähtee palautukseen, sillä kuvaus ei vastannut tuotetta.
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