Tailoring, trouser leg shortening

19.99 USD
Tailoring, trouser leg shortening
Price 19.99 USD. In stock 18 pcs. Saatavana käytettynä! Products in stock are also available in our walk-in store.
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A simple, fixed price package deal service for shortening your trousers to desired length. Fixed price, fixed service - we just cut 'em up and finish the edge. Meant basically for simple unlined trousers like jeans and such. Service valid only for stuff bought from us!

Works like this: you buy the trousers and you buy this service. Write in the extra info box the desired length and for which trousers you want it (even if you order just one pair). The length is taken from the inseam; measured from the crotch seam to the leg end. Then we just cut the leg to the desired length and finish the edge.

We do not care about any fancy features the trousers might have, like drawcords or other adjustments - we just cut the leg and the features will either be removed or rendered useless in the process. Thick, padded trousers are a no-no with this service too. If you want to retain any special features or need to have padded trousers cut, you will want another service.


The price is a fixed 19,99 EUR. We cut the leg exactly to the length specified by the customer. There is no right for refund or return - this is a custom job.

Special notes

This service applies only to trousers bought simultaneously from us. Don't bring or send your trousers to us for shortening, we won't do anything to them.

Note that there is only one sewing machine. This means that you won't get the trousers from the store while waiting and if you order online, there might be extra 2-5 days of delay.

Already have the trousers in your hands?

If that's the case, you'll simply have to get the trousers to us and buy this service. This can be done simply by walking in our store or by the postal service of your choice. Please bear in mind that you will have to pay the postage fees both ways.

Appoint the package to our seamstress, Maria and when making the order for the service, let us know that the trousers will be sent here.

When the job is done, we will get the trousers to you as agreed. If postage costs are involved, you'll have to pay them.

Mailing address:

Maria Venttola / Varusteleka Oy
Ruosilantie 2
00390 Helsinki

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