Swiss Mountain trooper goggles, surplus

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Swiss Mountain trooper goggles, surplus
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Swiss Gebrigsjäger goggles with a strap. Complete with a metal carrying case. Extremely handy goggles, if your eyes are surgically enhanced to see in the dark, or if you just need a pair of neutral looking sun glasses.

The Swiss make the best and coolest looking sunglasses. These were probably made with the average consumer in mind, so as to make selling them to civilians easier.

Please note: The lenses are made from glass. Some glasses feature bright aluminum frames, which are quite similar - though not exactly the same - as used by evil Germans back in the days. We don't separate these based on colour, it's not a fashionable thing to do these days.

UV protection? Your guess is as good as ours - these have been made from the 20's onwards for a few decades. But hey, the man who conquered Mt. Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary, didn't give a shit while using these!

Swiss army surplus

In used but serviceable condition.

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I would recommend for a friend
I would recommend for a friend
Totally worth getting but, be prepared to put in a little work if you get a pair like I got. At first inspection they looked fine however, due to their age whatever fabric had been used for the strap and around the eye pieces had degraded. The strap had the tensile strength of crepe paper and the rest turned to dust (think the 70s foam used in old speakers and cameras.)
This being Swiss gear though the metal and glass were in perfect condition, I replaced the strap with some elastic and stitched some soft leather around the eye pieces making them as good as new!
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I would recommend for a friend
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