Swiss crampons, surplus

18.99 USD
Swiss crampons, surplus
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Swiss Mountain trooper goggles, surplus
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Swiss Mountain trooper goggles, surplus

27.99 USD

Swiss Gebrigsjäger goggles with a strap. Complete with a metal carrying case. Extremely handy goggles, if your eyes are surgically enhanced to see in the dark, or if you just need a pair of neutral looking sun glasses.

Haix Airpower Pro R

Haix Airpower Pro R

180.99 USD

Although HAIX footwear tends to be good for about any weather or climate, but the Pro model is specifically designed for the Northern wastes: it has more leather, a wider last and a specially designed sole which is better suited to low temperatures, providing increased traction. Needless to say, this is a superior model for colder climates.

Italian mountain rucksack, surplus

Italian mountain rucksack, surplus

11.99 USD

A large canvas/linen blend sack, with some very Italian details. Even though not actually a very good rucksack, this certainly is tough and has a certain retro charm to it.

Swedish utility strap pair, leather, surplus

Swedish utility strap pair, leather, surplus

2.99 USD

Proper old time leather straps, and at a price like this you can't afford not to buy a pair! Tough, reliable and has that special something modern nylon straps lack.

Swiss gaiters, grey, surplus

Swiss gaiters, grey, surplus

9.99 USD

Excellent gaiters for an insane price - who the hell decided to get rid of these for this cheap!? Swiss army surplus.

Swiss fur hat, surplus

Swiss fur hat, surplus

4.99 - 7.99 USD

The Swiss army fur hat may not look like it belongs in the mud and misery of battlefields, but it sure does have that easily approachable feel to it. And hey, it's Swiss, so the quality has to be super, right?

Do you keep falling on your arse on slippery surfaces? The neighbour's kids have kicked the football again on your yard and you forgot the knife into the other trousers? Fear not, here's the solution!

Seriously, these are meant for outdoors activities that may involve slippery, icy slopes and steep rises. Made of steel, these are foolproof.

These attach to shoes with their leather straps, probably about in the style we have pictured. You might want to consider using boots with grooves on the back of the heel for a proper fit. And yes, these have a hinge in the center, so walking should be possible.

Size system

EU/French sizes! Of course, as these are kind of designed for certain type of boots, these numbers alone might not be enough. That's why we have measured them from four points: width between all three pairs of the strap attachment points; A (rear), B (middle) and C (front) and the whole length from the heel wire to the folding point of the front spikes (D):

Size A B C D
40 7,5 8,5 8 27
41 7,5 8,5 8,5 28
42 8 9 8,5 29
43 8 9 8,5 30
44 8 9 8,5 31
45 8? 9? 8,5? 32?
46 8 9 8,5 33

Please note! It's probably entirely possible to bend the strap attachment points to widen the fit. Of course you do this at your own risk. If you don't want to measure anything, pick a a size larger than your boots and hope for the best.


Used. We do not sell these for any actual climbing (or similar) activity, where the user's life might depend on the gear. These are old and the straps might have weakened (or are worn already). Of course it's not rocket science to make new ones.

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I would recommend for a friend
A classic and basic crampons . 5/5 i used them up 2000-2500 m ... this model are perfect and indestructible. Just thinking about the grease for the leather strap . For springtime , very usefull for working the garden ...
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