Swedish utility strap pair, leather, surplus

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Swedish utility strap pair, leather, surplus
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Proper old time leather straps, and at a price like this you can't afford not to buy a pair! Tough, reliable and has that special something modern nylon straps lack.

Most of these are around 40-50 cm long and about 1,5 cm wide, colours vary from brown to gray and green. If too short, combine two together. No, we won't pick out longer/shorter/gray/green/old/new/whatever-tickles-your-fancy straps for you, so don't even ask. All of these are just as good. Order a bunch and you'll probably get some that come close!

Sold as pairs.

Pro-tip: These are a very inexpensive source for materials, roll pin buckles, leather straps, just the thing you need to repair or make your own bags, packs etc. And really high quality too!


These are all in used condition, some more, some less, all are still in perfectly serviceable shape and functional.

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5/5 31.05.2016
I would recommend for a friend
I haven't bought these from Varusteleka, but have instead gotten them directly from the swedish military when the local regiment closed down. I use these for making the axe sheats for all my axes, here's a guide with pictures of how I do them, featuring an old Billnäs Bruk hatchet: http://imgur.com/a/uEXTD
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I would recommend for a friend
They are straps, they are leather, they look like the picture... 5 stars all over.
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