Swedish metal cockade, surplus

1.99 USD
Swedish metal cockade, surplus
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Finnish fur hat "Mannerheim", white, new

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A proper nice quality old timey lambswool hat for cheap! The examples are surplus of a batch made for the Finnish army quite recently, according to the supplier. The same model can be seen worn by our own field marshal C.G.E. Mannerheim. Oh we would wish people would wear stuff like this out in the town instead of those boring watch caps. One-off lot, these are the first and last we'll ever get.

A Swedish dish metal hat cockade with a traditional two prong attachment. We found a little bag full of these lying around. With the Finnish Independence Day celebrations intensifying we released these along with other stuff! We wouldn't be surprised if these were Second World War era stuff, but go figure.

Diameter about 19 mm, with the front painted yellow & blue. The condition is clearly used - both the paint and the prongs might be worn.

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