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Swedish M1909 shearling coat #2

Swedish M1909 shearling coat #2

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Now these are getting exceedingly rare! The Swedish Livpäls M1909 is one heavy coat, designed to keep you warm in ridiculously cold temperatures, of course with the know-how of that era. You can really feel this on you. One-off piece! An awesome item, you will probably not encounter these out on the town. One-off piece!

These were made from the early 1900's up to the 60's. This example is probably WW2 era production, and in great shape. Made of tent canvas with shearling lining, with a HUGE fur collar. The pockets are very large and their only purpose was probably to show the Finns how much wealth they had in Sweden. Button closure on the front. One has come off (second from the bottom up), but it's included with the coat, check the pocket. Just sew it back on.

What you don't see ever today is the amazing sternum strap. The purpose of this strap is to facilitate wearing the coat like a cape draped over everything else. NICE!

Fun fact: Bruce Willis wore this kind of coat in the movie 12 Monkeys. We are pretty sure he was quite toasty. On the other hand, Bane from the Batman movie could only dream of this.

Size info

The size is "2", in other words Medium Regular with a generous cothing allowance. These were probably made in sizes 1, 2 and 3. We'd say this would best fit for a person with a chest of 96-104 and height of 172-182 cm. Sleeve length from shoulder seam about 65 cm.


In excellent shape, with nothing really to gripe about. Just throw it on and be the envy of your city.


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Omistan itse samanlaisen M1909 takin ja kyseiset palttoot on sellaisia mitä oikeasti voi kutsua takiksi isolla T:llä. Takki painaa jo aivan hemmetisti sekä aito lampaankarva sisuta varmasti pitää jokasen lämpimänä. Ja ihan aikuisten oikeesti tää päällä ei tuu kylmä talvella, vaikka tuollaista suosittelisin itse käyttämään jossain -30°c alapuolella. Jos haluat takin joka kestää isoisältäsi perintönä hamaan tulevaisuuteen jälkeläisille nii hommaa tälläne, nää ei hajoa sitten mitenkään!
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