Swedish entrenching tool snow extension, surplus

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Swedish entrenching tool snow extension, surplus
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The Swedish army e-tool is a nice, solid piece of kit, and here's an aluminium snow shovel conversion for it.

A note about assembly: the trick is that there are no tricks - you just cram the spade inside and secure it with the provided bolts and nuts. BOOM! The spade is now a shovel.

Being a perforated object, this is easily attached to your rucksack. Measurements about 30 x 35 cm.

Used military surplus

Used, but in OK serviceable shape - a bit rough maybe, but usable. You get the aluminium blade, no spade included.

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I would recommend for a friend
Yes , now, i have the complet kit of swedish shovel , I received nice pieces ! ready for the winter thx !
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