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Soviet winter jacket, super stylish, green-brown, surplus

Soviet winter jacket, super stylish, green-brown, surplus

Price 96.99 USD excluding VAT

We have no idea about the official nomenclature of this jacket, but it wipes the floor with fairy-like Western creations and keeps the wearer warm even if he'd have to shake hands and make eye contact with Angela Merkel herself. One-off lot, buy now or die trying!

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We have no idea about the official nomenclature of this jacket, but it wipes the floor with fairy-like Western creations and keeps the wearer warm even if he'd have to shake hands and make eye contact with Angela Merkel herself. One-off lot, buy now or die trying!

Not just a jacket

This beautiful jacket features a fixed fur collar, hood and thick lining, with windstopper flap on the inside. The top of this flap can be raised up to cover the wearer's face if he's particularly unsightly. There are also snow locks hidden inside the sleeves, because it would be embarrasing to openly show them. There's also two belt loops to run your favourite belt through them. This makes even a potato sack shaped user a prime specimen of his kind.

The top material is of the familiar Soviet type, i.e. rough quality cotton canvas. those who mock and fear cotton do not understand its enigmatic national-historical virtues. Under the cotton top layer there's the padding material, which is mostly MORE COTTON. Under this the lining, which is COTTON FLANNEL.

This jacket will stay up on its own when placed on the floor.


The jacket is too bulky to be stuffed inside a washing machine.

Size info

First the Russian GOST size, then recommended height & chest circumference in centimetres. The sleeve length of these is just a tad more generous than usually, that's why our centimetre sizes for height are a bit bigger than usually.


Unissued, but stored for a while.


Just a handful, with no more in sight!


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I would recommend for a friend

28.02.2019 (Edited 28.02.2019)
Speculation on the type of the jacket, first i must say i did not get my piece from leka, and neither is it entirely identical. The jacket in question is likely a variant of the soviet m88 afghanka winter jacket. My jacket variant has additional pockets on the sleeves as well as the upper chest, my jacket variant may have been an officers one while these leka ones are normal trooper ones?

The jacket itself looks good for soviet surplus and it will hold off the cold. But you don't want to wear it with less than -15C outside, at least not with the liner attached. Leka did not mention the weight, while i have not weighed my piece, i'd guess it's 2-3kg of soviet industrial textiles.

Edit: After having another look it's likely possible that this is not an afghanka variant at all. Considering the manufacturing date in the display pictures this jacket is likely some interim variant made between Chechen and the afghan wars. If you looked at enough pictures of the later conflict i'd bet money you could see some motorstrelki or spetsnaz with jackets close to this.
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I would recommend for a friend

13.06.2019 (Edited 23.06.2019)
Do you want a winter jacket that doesn't cost $200 while at the same time showing off the latest and greatest in Soviet fashion? Get this! Not only does it weigh more than a T-62 main battle tank, it's probably tougher than one, too! Kept me warm through below freezing temperatures with wind chill, didn't even shiver once! Pair this with some knock off two-stripe tracksuit bottoms and 55 year old work boots and you've got yourself a look that'll turn heads. May not be for the best reason, especially if it's some strange men in black suits and aviators. Actually you should probably start running.

But on a more serious note, this jacket is seriously heavy stuff. The liner is very thick, and the fur collar can be raised to cover the neck fully. It is a bit itchy, and will frequently rub against the back of your neck causing irritation. But it's better than freezing to death so I'm not complaining. The material used is surprisingly comfortable to touch (or maybe I'm just weird) but I really like the way the jacket looks and feels. It is hard to move in but I've only ever worn mine when I needed to, so it may just be storage stiffness. I highly recommend you get one whenever you can, especially at a price like this.
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