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Soviet VDV leather boots #1

Soviet VDV leather boots #1

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Kirza boots with side lacing, which means these are Soviet & Russian airborne troops model. Unissued, size 43!

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Kirza boots with side lacing, which means these are Soviet & Russian airborne troops model. Unissued, size 43!

The outsole is rubber, which is nailed on leather midsoles. The lower is made of surprisingly good quality, thick unlined leather and the shaft comprises of Kirza with a leather support strip on the back. Kirza (or some call it Kersey) leather was one of the most important developments during the war, saving hundreds of Roubles when they made soldiers' boots. The inventor, a chemist named Plotnikov, was given a truckton of money and the hallowed Stalin stat Prize medal for his efforts. To the best of our knowledge he wasn't even transported to Siberia. Kirza leather is still made today.

Size info

Sizes in the Soviet system, which is first the recommended foot length in millimetres, then EU/French size. These are designed to be used with footwraps, so if you wear socks, wear thicker ones.

The last is sorta human shaped, but not excessively wide.


Care for your boots and they might care for you! Clean the boots with a moist rag and/or a brush. Apply grease and polish to the leather. Kirza does not need to be treated.


NOS, but the leather is quite stiff. Grease it up and it'll get better.


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