Soviet Ushanka fur hat, surplus

Soviet Ushanka fur hat, surplus

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The iconic Ushanka is, alongside the Telnyashka shirt, one of the most Russian bits of military clothing out there! This model has been around since the mid 20th century and is still issued today.

Note: availability is quite random. We can't get more by snapping our fingers. Same goes for the sizes - don't even ask if we'll get any particular size, as we don't know for sure either. Look at it this way: we sometimes actually have these, which is way better than not having them.

Made from wool with cotton lining and thick "fish fur" on the outside. This is the best looking of all fur hats, a must have for any real gentleman!

The sizes are truly Soviet - it means that the size of your head is 54, 56, 58 or 60. If it happens to be otherwise, you may as well do without a hat! The sizes run pretty tight.

Russian army surplus

These are very often unissued, or good as new, sometimes used. Some storage dust and wrinkles might be present, though.

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Was luckily able to snag the only one that was restocked, seems that Varusteleka doesn't carry these often so be quick if it's back in stock, this is the cheapest place I could find it for sale.

As for the hat itself, if it's not completely new, it's been very well taken care of, with only the very faintest of surplus spell and in perfect shape. Although not pictured, I received mind with a gold leaf red star cockade (like the one pictured on the other Russian fur hats for sale), whose prongs have a tiny bit of rust and oxidization but which doesn't affect the appearance at all, since they're hidden on the inside of the flap.

Although my head is more in the 61-62 cm region, the 60 cm size on fits my head snugly. It's a comfortable hat save for the wool which seems a bit itchy
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